How Can This Possibly Be Considered A Supportive Forum

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mrsherzog - June 23

I have been frequenting this site since we began trying to concieve and continue to follow the progress of many of the women I have come to know now that I am pregnant. Occasionally, I will visit this forum for a good chuckle. I hate to insinuate that this forum is strictly only good for that reason, but I feel compelled to contribute my opinion as to what I feel this forum has become. I am actually appalled at the amount of posts that start out innocently and become crude, immature, and a battleground. In addition, are the posts that are submitted just for the sake of being crude, defensive, and argumentive. So, for those of you that defend and argue the benefits of teen pregnancy, you should join a forum that is mature and pregnancy related, not high school dramatic. If you are a teen and truly believe that you should be pregnant and want the support of other pregnant women, this is not the place to get it. This forum has become ridiculous in nature and in my opinion, should disappear. There are few people who take this forum seriously as it seems that any chance a person gets they lash out, swear, and have internet arguments that become quite cruel. Anyone participating in this type of behavior is not ready for pregnancy or motherhood.


Teddyfinch - June 23

so how old are you then? and why should we be nice? some girls that are 15 and trying for kids need a verbal kick in the a__s. if you don't like it, log out and don't come back. most of these kids come here, post and don't bother replying even when people are civil to them. and a few of them get p__sy if we don't support their retarded views on why they should be trying to get pregnant. and in my opinion, those who have unprotected s_x and wonder how in the world they got pregnant and "omg what do i do?" idiots have no business opening their legs. life's tough. learn to deal with it.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - June 23

I have been here for a year and a half or so...but anyways, just so you know most people have turned out being fakers or liars. People used to be nice and then everyone would laugh at us for trying to help. Thats why so many people have left and don't bother posting...because a simple converstaion between us got turned into someone saying something stupid and ruining all conversation for everyone and it just wasn't fun because to many newbies would get a laugh at how we helped. So now I'm a__suming most people just do and say things and don't care anymore since out of 10 newbies only 1 would turn out to be sane. So instead they just jump the gun and say what they think flat out


amanda17 - June 23

This forum is helpful because the girls are willing to tell you when you're being an idiot :) Personally if I'm being stupid I would want someone to tell me, sugar coating is unnecessary. That's why it's nice here, if I ask a question I know I'm gonna get an honest answer. Admittedly yes, it does get out of hand every so often... But meh. At least it's entertaining along the way :D


ColtonsMommy07 - June 23

well i just wanted to know what i shou0ld do because i am thinking bout having a nother baby and most of you were beig b___hes and it was uncalled for. cause i do care what you think


Teddyfinch - June 23

no wait i found it. i guess i just ignored it lol.


socurbaby7 - June 24

probably a reason why this forum seems so immature is because the girls are still that girls... and well what do u expect... i know real poeple do come on here for advice support and whatever... i did a year and a half ago... but sometimes its just pointless... o well


youlickwindows - June 24

I don't think it even is considered one anymore, I think the administrators have washed their hands of it, they don't bother removing anything or warning people to be supportive anymore. If you poor tasted every post that's unsupportive, you'd be left with verrrry little.


mrsherzog - June 26

I guess the two idiots that initially found something to get upset about with this post too...are still idiots. Touche'! Addy...As far as you're concerned, you are a vulgar, nasty, big-mouthed, opinionated, coward who hides behind her computer screen mud slinging. I and many others on this site have no respect for you, your posts, or opinions due to the fact that you will pick a fight with a pile of c___p if it could talk back. As far as I'm concerned, you are no better of a candidate for motherhood judging just by your mouth alone than any 14 or 15 year old girl. And...Not all people online are mean and distasteful and looking to anialate others like yourself. Maybe you should peruse the site a bit and find the posts where your name is mentioned as the fine specimen you portray yourself to be. Then, take that as a clue that your att_tude is not welcome here or on any other forum. People are sick of you and your nasty mouth. I'm out.


mrsherzog - June 26

I don't know where you live, where you're from, or how you were raised, but I have never in all my life met anyone as brazen as yourself. In the real world people don't talk to people using the language you use, and if that is your style I feel sorry for any person, including your family that has to listen to it. I am embarra__sed for you. I will not relent and back down to you, nor carry on a distasteful argument with you like many of the others...believe me, you will become far more sick of me, than I of you...I will poor taste each and every inappropriate post you put up.


ashley_1991 - June 26

mrsherzog- do you have MSN :)


AddysMummy - June 26

Oh and I know your fat cause I know what you look like, fatty. So go jump on a treadmill thunder thighs.


Teddyfinch - June 26

what i really enjoy about these little whiney kids is that they don't even know that the more you whine about addy's language, the rougher it's going to get. it's too easy to push b___tons on you lol. i guarantee she laughs every time someone replies shocked that she talks in such a way. lol ah kids.


Teddyfinch - June 26

d__n i learned that game when i was like 5. what's wrong with these young'ins that dont' know this game???


Teddyfinch - June 26

gah! i meant to say wrong as usual.


mrsherzog - June 26

Wow! You're as nasty as her and I thought she stood alone. As far as not "knowing" anyone on this board...ok. You should also check out some of the other forums like I told Addy to, and read what some of the normal people say about the her. If thats the category you would like to meld with, so be it, you will see that the two of you only have each other because normal people aren't impressed with the way you treat and talk to others. As far as the "real world" comment goes, I keep swinging that back in Addys direction because she claims that the way she is is the real world. I think not. You two are nothing but mud slinging, nasty mouth, pregnant chics who have raging hormones that aren't even defendable. To be honest, I think it is irritating you that I've managed to post several times in response to both of you with no foul language and not cutting into anything physical about you. Of course, how could I, I don't know you. That is all you have is to call me and others vulgar do the two of you sleep at night. I bet your children would be proud of you if they knew their mommys talked like that. And BTW, I didn't ill wish anyone. I just hope she never needs honest support, because people do not forget things and people like her.


mrsherzog - June 26

Oh, and I'm dne communicating with you on this post and others. I will go back to finding comedic relief from the posts and feeling sorry for anyone that believes you two are out there to befriend and offer any type of good natured advice.



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