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Army girlfriend - October 15

I have a boyfriend thats in the army and when he came down we did "the deed" with no protection. he is now gone and i may be pregnant. I have no idea how to tell my parents. me and my boyfriend planned on having a baby and now i think it worked what should i do when he will be gone most of the time?


jennifer_33106 - October 15

Well the first thing you need to do is find out for sure if you are pregnant or not. You can go to planned parenthood or schedule an appt with your doc to confirm pregnancy. Also if you havent already go buy a HPT and take it with First Morning Urine. Also start taking prenatals now as opposed to later and treat your body like you are pregnant even if yuo are not sure. No smoking no drinking no recreational drugs Tylenol only ect. Hope that helps and GL!!


lunamoo - October 15

This is a bit confusing. You "planned" a baby with your bf gone most of the time...? And you are scared to tell your parents (because I a__sume of the bad planning)...? Maybe I missed something, but what part did you actually plan...?


freebird - October 15

Yep, basically what they said. Before you start to freak out you need to confirm that you actually are pregnant. Take a pregnancy test after you're late for your period, you'll get a more accurate result that way. After you know for sure you can worry about telling your parents. If you are not pregnant this time you should do a little thinking and soul searching to decide if this is actually the best time for you to plan a baby. It sounds as though you didn't really think it through.


Zeelful - October 15

unfortunately this is what happens when you are not ready for a child, but are adamant you are. I am presuming you are young as you are scared to tell your parents. Obviously the planning was not fully thought out. I do not understand why people can not just wait til they are married and ready for the ultimate commitment of bringing up children. As the others have said though, you should find out first before getting ahead of yourself.


kendra.marie - October 15

ignore zeelful shes very rude to everyone although she wasn't the rudest but trust me being married to someone has NO MORE RIGHTS of bringing a child into this world weather or not your married or NOT. yah know. married couples split so do people in a relationship. sounds to me as you were a little more worried about grow up & having a family of your own before thinking it throw like everyone else has said. you've got a lot of thinking to do. how old are you? i wont judge no matter how old trust me im a teenage mother & i love it. im here to help guide you & give you advise. if you'd like. write a ? with my name in the t_tle if youd liek to talk more. dont worry about the rude things you hear either.



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