How Can You Tell If Your BF Cums Inside You

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nananiaka - December 24

Hi I'm 16 and I just had sex with my partner, he was using a condom while we were having sex, but I can't get the question out of my head if he came inside me or not. I saw him pull the condom out and I ask him if he did he said he didn't. I'm getting paranoid is there anyway to tell if he came inside me or not other than his penis being limp when he pulled out. I'm really getting paranoid because what if the condom had a hole or something, also it's a day before my ovulation. Am I going to get pregnant please help


nananiaka - December 24

* I ask him if he did came inside me he said he didn't*



Grandpa Viv - December 24

I'm glad to hear you used a condom for your first experience. Adding vaginal spermicide (film or  foam) would make you even more secure. Waiting until ovulation is a couple of days past will further help.

If he has a full orgasm his body language will tell you and so will yours when you get around to it. If you are sensitive, you can feel the pulsing of his penis as he ejaculates. Semen has a distinctive smell and much of it dribbles out later.

Maybe you should next manually stimulate each other to orgasm so you both understand how the other's body works. I don't think you are going to get pregnant from what you describe. If one day you get carried away and know you have goofed, remember the morning after pill.



nananiaka - December 25

Thank you so much, bought morning after pill called nordette and took 4 of it 12 hours after we've done the deed and then 4 more after the first intake, I hope I won't get pregnant, I only have almost 2 1/2 years to finish college. Thanks again!



Grandpa Viv - December 25

Nana, Nordette was a good move if you had any reason to suspect the condom did not work properly. The extra hormones may delay your next menstruation so don't  be alarmed if it does not show on time. If the paranoia is still bugging you, run a home pregnancy test if and when your period is late.


nananiaka - December 25

Thank you, the only thing that I'm worried now is my back pain, I mean I was feeling nauseaous and been vomitting, but I also have this back pain and moodiness which I don't know if it comes with the side effects of nordette. Do you think it does? Thank you


Grandpa Viv - December 26

It's only a day after ovulation and too soon to be experiencing pregnancy signs so your back pain and nausea have to be due to the Nordette. You can research "nordette side effects" to check on this. You should quit worrying - the condom was used correctly and provides good protection. Check my profile if you want to talk more.


Ashley5454 - September 21

First of, I don't know how long ago this website or forum has been but I have the same question as the litle girl's question. so I'm 22, and I have asked my boyfriend to give me a baby. So about 2 days ago. We have s_x. But the night before that, we were arguing. He didn't want one yet cuz he wanted to get a job first after he passes his board exam and gets a job. Cuz he comes from a below middle class family, so he said he didn't want me to experience a difficult life so he wanted to be able to support me and not ask help from my parents. But the morning after, we have s_x and when he finishes, he tells me he thinks he unloaded inside but wasn't so sure. And I don't know how it feels when it's being unloaded inside, am I supposed to feel something? Cuz during that moment, I don't think I felt anything. If he did infact unload a little bit like the precum and immediately pulled out, am I getting pregnant? Cuz I want to know a little because I have to start eating healthy and avoid alcohol(Not like I'm a drinker anyway) and mostly cuz I'm finally gonna have a baby. Lol. 


Grandpa Viv - September 22

Ashley, if he is reluctant to start a pregnancy at this time, you should heed the signal. Maybe it is totally rational, maybe it is a sign that the relationship is not on the firm footing you imagine.

If you masturbate to orgasm yourself you get a bit of an idea of how it feels to a guy - involuntary contractions. When he ejaculates the penis pulses and squirts out semen. Have him teach you how to masturbate him to ejaculation and you will see the result. Then have him return the favor - oral sex will help, and maybe a toy.

You should be able to feel the pulsing of the penis when he ejaculates inside, and there will be oral and muscular indications too. When he pulls out there will be a little semen still to squeeze out, and much of the semen inside you will eventually dribble out. When you do decide to get pregnant, download a period tracker so you know your fertile days, mid cycle. Best of luck!



Brooklynn Z - October 19

With all due respect to everyone. This is my opinion and I'm not judging ,I myself was a pregnant teen my baby is turning one pretty soon ,my husband and I decided we wanted to conceive don't get me wrong I absolutely love my daughter she's everything to me we planned her and I don't regret it but pregnancy is not a joke whatsoever it's not something for a little girl to be playing around with and risking it just because she can't handle her sexual desires and can't get the right information on how there is condoms I mean come on if you don't know how sperm looks like what in the world are you doing having sex ?? There is absolutely nothing wrong with you having sex at whatever age you want but please inform yourself it's really not that hard y'all would rather have abortions and excuse yourselfs by saying it's yalls bodies and whatever crap we come up with to excuse the fact that we commit murder in a legal way? Please let's cut the crap out and since we are "old" enough to have sex and "mature " enough why don't we inform ourselves we are not animals we are human beings. 


Brooklynn Z - October 19

By the way a guy will tell you anything to get in side you so please be smart enough to make sure he's got the condom on and in the right way guys will lie and they don't give a crap if you get pregnant or not so it's really your resposabilty to make sure y'all use protection you as the mother and woman unfortunately in this world we live in will be racing the child on your own most likely ,YOUR body will change not his YOU will go through sleepless nights YOU will have to raise that child on your own if he decides to leave and sometimes even if he stay he won't do as much as YOU will unless he really loves you and realizes he's not doing anyone a favor but is doing what's he's supposed to be doing as a father. A real father raises his son or daughter and goes through the same crap the mother does not including child birth. Sorry for getting off topic but it really upsets me to see so many children having unprotected sex then trying to abort or just simply not knowing how to have sex !!! 


Randomgirl2020 - July 17

Ok so I had sex for the first time and my period has always been weird. Is it possible I'm pregnant? It was unprotected. He said he didn't cum in me and I didn't feel anything. It's been a few hours and I feel as if nothing even happened. Could I be pregnant?


Grandpa Viv - July 20

Hi Random! If he did not come in you there is little chance of pregnancy, especially if you were not in the “fertile window”. 

If some sperm did get loose in there you would not feel anything different until about a week before your next period. Buy your own condoms and vaginal spermicide and insist on proper use. Good luck!



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