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skinnyminny - May 3

yeah, I'm pregnant. I'm okay with it. I haven't told my fiance yet. I'm gonna wait till i get a blood test to tell my parents. How do I tell the parental units? How did you guys do it?


Rachel0510 - May 3

I called her on the phone from my house and told her.


Rachel0510 - May 3

Oh, and she told my dad.


skinnyminny - May 3

lucky you. If i tell my mom first she'll make me tell my dad. I'm thinking about telling my sister (34), but she's TTC and she'll probably feel cheated by God or something, I don't know. I'm so nervous. I just want to tell one of them NOW. I need my mommy. I'm still very attached to her and this is so weird, me not being able to go to her for comfort.


little_snowball - May 3

where i go to school we are able to have laptops. a teacher of mine checked the history on my computer and saw that i was on a lot of pregnanct websites. she called me in her office, did the 21 questions thing, and that was it. the next day, i asked her to call my mom and tell her that she was concerned about some sites i had been on and to suggest that she talk to me about it. so she did, and my mom asked me that night. actually, she asked me if i needed tampons...sneaky sneaky lol. my parents are divorced so my mom called my dad because i was too scared, and she knew it had to be done. i know i took the weiner way out of it but i honestly couldn't force myself to tell my mom. so if there is a way you could inquire that into your situation, go for it. it may not work for you like it did for me, but hopefully something does. another way was a corny card my sister suggested. i am one of three girls, and she said to send my dad a card that said "guess which one of your daughters is pregnant!" depending on what your mom is like, you might have a harder time telling her. go for something based on how you think she will react. such as writing her a letter, 'accidentally' leaving something like a pregnancy test in your pants then asking her to throw them in the wash for you, or just be strait forward and say: mom i have a problem you need to know about. i hope all goes well. good luck!


maren - May 3

i dont think havinga teacher tell your parents is the way you want to go after all your 18 and an adult. i Just told my mom i said there is no easy way to say this so mom im pregnant, then i told my dad


mharper - May 3

I told my dad then he called my mom and told her.


Mommy - May 3

I went up to my mom and dad and said HI GRANDMA, HI GRANDPA.. Then I held up the + test.


Grandpa Viv - May 3

There's a collection of ideas at - - Good luck!


EricaLynn - May 4

I agree with maren, I just sat down and was like mom I have somthing I have to tell you, Im pregnant. There is no easy way to say it. Just get it out there, the sooner they know the better. My mom took it alot better than I thought she would. Good Luck


kenodra - May 4

trust me i was scared too im only 17 years old. and me and my boyfriend have been together for 4 and 1/2 years but there are reasons his parents dont like me and reasons mine dont like him, but i dont care. we love eachother and thats all that matters. anyways my mom went with me to a place called aid to women in cedar rapids, ia. Thats how my mom found out and i just came out and told my dad, you know what im pregnant and theres nothing you can do about it. my boyfriend hid it from his parents till like 2 weeks ago and im almost 23 weeks pregnant. im really tall and skinny so you cant tell alot yet. we found out were having a girl and everything. but if you need anything you can e-mail me feel free my address is [email protected] im young to and i will help you as much as i can.


shesdymed - May 6

i had a counciler and she started seein me gain weight . she told my mom with me in the room. my mom froze she didnt know what to think and wat to expect because her (16) yr old daughter was pregg. regardless i had to tell my father on my own neway.. it was hard u just need to explain to them ur plans and what u want to do. don't b upset if they yell one minute and the next apologize.. ur their child, they won't know how to feel or what to do. as much as this is ur first time being a mother its their first time dealin with somethin like this. its not easy at all. make sure u have plans for urself and what u want to do before u tell them it will make it easier for u.. and take advice from me (PLZ) do what u want to do.. not what other people think is right for u nor what they think is best. there r alot of girls out there who have done fine college and everythin and had a kid at a young age :) if u wana talk ? email me- s0oseduktiiv


Isabelle - May 7

I was raped but because it was just after school i didnt tell anyone. The next day my best friends mum asked me if i was ok coz i was really pale and upset n i told her what had happened and then she got me to go and have a word with the police doctor and then she told my mum for me. Sadly the man who raped me is still on the loose


dayis1113 - May 8

my story is a lot worse.... I was pregnant before and I had abort 2 times already, and I think I'm pregnant again, my boyfriend is supporting me, but I'm so scare to tell my parents this time, because my first time I told them I told my mom first and she told my dad, but the 2 time I couldn't so just went alone( well with my boyfriend) but now I don't want to do it again, I want to have it cuz I can't go through that again... I NEED HELP HOW DO I TELL MY PARENTS AGAIN????? :( :(


Rachel0510 - May 8

Davis1113, you do know that having multiple abortions increases your chances of miscarrying when you do decide to have a baby? If you don't want to get pregnant, try and get on birth control. I'm not trying to put you down, I just wanted you to know that about abortions. Good luck with the parents.


dayis1113 - May 8

I know that increses increases my chances of miscarrying , that's why if I'am pregnant this time (i'm not sure yet) I don't know how I gonna tell my will be very painfull for them


Lillie E - May 8

when my parents found out it was because my mom thought i was having s_x. when she asked me i froze and didn't know what to say. i already knew i was pregnant at this point. she asked me if i thought i was and i said i didn't know. she took me to walmart, bought a pregnancy test and wnated me to take it. i told her i was going to wait until my boyfriend got off of work to take it. i took it, it was + and she got mad. my dad cried with me and my boyfriend. when we told his parents they were sitting down and he said "mom dad, we need ot talk to you, you might want to sit down. We going to have a baby" his dad didn't say anything and his mom started asking like a million questions. when we told them thou, his mom smiled and was giddy. she loves babys.. it was weird. my family tried having an "intervention" for me to get an abortion. my boyfriend and my dad stood by my side. my mom, my 2 older brothers and my sister in laws weren't going for it thou, but they came around eventually. now i'm happily married with a beautiful 6 month old boy... parents will come around. their first reaction might be weird, but they can't stay mad. your going to have their grandchild.



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