How Did You Tell Your Mom

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mm - November 11

my mom is gonna really freak out and probably hate me when i tell her. has ne1 else told their mom and thought they would be mad but they were ok? how did you do it? what did you say?


CAROL - November 11

I figured my parents were going to be mad, but I didn't really care. I told them this: Parents, I'm having a baby. I'm due in June. Then I let them do their parental "freak out" thing. Afterwards, I told them I had an apartment lined up to live in with an older cousin, etc. When they realized how much I had it planned out, they asked me to stay home. I said no. I recently moved out. Point of the story is, they are going to be shocked. There's no easy way around it. They won't be cartwheeling. You're just going to have to live with it.


Jen - November 11

Hey. I wrote my parents a letter and gave it to them on my way to school. They could read it and have the whole day to think about and to relax. When I got home that night, we sat down--with the father--and talked about it. I had a plan set up and knew what I was getting into. They realized I was being responsible and were more accepting of the idea that their baby is having a baby. Make sure that however you tell your mom, that you have a plan in mind. Show her that you really care about this baby. She will be shocked, but most parents usually change their mind by the time the baby comes. I hope I helped you. Let us know how everything goes.


jessica - November 11

i am 17 and pregnant...i was really scared going to my family and telling them about my pregnancy i figured they would disown me...i told my father and he took it better than i thought i just told him i had something to tellhim and i was prepared for whatever he said and i told him dad i might be pregnant and we discussed it and talked to my mother in the end everythings gonna work out...good luck ! :)


To: Carol - November 11

Did you tell them you used a turkey baster as well?


CAROL - November 11

I did.


Candi - November 11

you did not. you told your 'rents you used a tukrey baster?


CAROL - November 11

Of course I told them. I've never kept secrets or witheld information. I have no shame in using one. Actually, my parents were pleased (really!) since it lowered my exposure to STDs.


Brittany - November 11

well im from new orleans louisiana,ya know the whole hurricane katrina thing!well my mom found out because we had to get shots because of all of the diseases and stuff around here and i was scared to get them because i didnt know if they would hurt my baby!so i told her and actually,to my suprise she was VERY happy!i wish i would have told her sooner!and once i told her i was SO HAPPY!its like a big lift off of your shoulders!trust me its probabley not going to be as bad as you think!GOOD LUCK


mm - November 11

ok, i think ill write her a note since i dont want to be around but if i have to tell her in person i need another person with me so she wont hurt me or herself. thanx for ideas.


hey - November 11

let your bf be there with you so she cant see that you are both serious about keeping and taking care of the baby and show her the plans you both have made to provide for the baby


Okay - November 11

Carol, if you have only one boyfriend or sperm donor as you like to call him, how would using the turkey baster lower the chances of getting an STD with him as opposed to actually having s_x with him? Your mixing bodily fluids and that's how STD's are transferred.


mm - November 11

i dont have a bf so i cant do that but that would be a good idea if i did. thanx.



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