How Did You Tell Your Parents

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Jennifer - April 9

hi im 17 and pregnant, i am so scared to tell my parents everytime i try to tell them i start shaking and get really nervous, how did all of you tell your parents?


katie - April 9

hey im 14 and 31wks pregnant..i no how hard it is to tell ur parents but it has to b done sometime i left clues round the house and then they asked and we talked for awhile but u wud b better tellin ur mum cause dad's seem to freak a little and it will b okies even if they seem angry..there just disappointed in u but they will come round after all u are there daughter hu they love and nothin will change tht but if u need to talk u can email me at [email protected] gd luck and and how far along do u think u are??? xxx katie


Nanna Ronni - April 9

From a mothers point of view of my daughter first telling me she was pregnant, she sat me down and said I have some thing to tell you. I knew before she had even opened her mouth. Why you ask, yes it is our worst nightmare, BUT NO YOU GIRLS ARE NOT A DISSAPOINTMENT. IT TAKES A WEALTH OF GUTS TO KEEP THE BABY. Us mums do know you girls and you all seem to forget we were all young too and did things that we might not have done if we had really thought about it. Ok I agree there are some mums that are not so caring as we would like them to be, but Im sure they are not all bad. Or the other side of the coin is you will all know how not to respond to your own kids as they grow up. Im lucky I have a teen daughter who is a teen mum and I was a teen mum too, so I did the opposite of my adoptive parents and I dont think Im doing too bad. So please give your mums a chance you might be surprised once they get over the shock. I know I would never be without my daughter or my grand daughter. Im so thankful to my daughter for giving me the wonderful gift of my grand daughter, even though she gave me stick whilst I had her overnight to give her mum a break lol.


worried_teen - April 10

I just came out with the question "What would you do if i was pregnant? then we started talking a bit more and she told me she would want what was best for me and was supportive. Just tell your family straight. The worst thing they can do is threaten to chuck you out. but it probably wont happen. best of luck xxx


TO Jennifer - April 10

I'm 17 and preggo too and I haven't told my parents either. I have a few ideas I guess but idk anymore. email me! [email protected] I need someone to talk to, seriously


diamond - April 11

i had went to my parents with my mate an it made me feel better to come out in tell them sence both of us was there to tell them.


Tay - April 11

I didn't tell them, I had my brother tell them. At first they were upset but after the shock they were supportive. If you need to talk IM me TayTay124R


erica - April 11

hey i just sat down and said i need to talk, i told her not to say anything til i was done, she ended up being so supportive and proud of me for being able to come to her. but id get it over with becase my guess is that your stressin more about her answer to you tellin her, then she will after you do. good luck


jay - April 11

hey! well im in the exact same situation as you are. im 17 and i just found out im pregnant. and to make matters worse, im gonna be a single mother. anyways, i dont know about you, but i was warned by my parents not to ever dissapoint them by getting pregnant at a young age, but hey, this is what im going to do tonight. im going to go up to my mother and just tell her i have some news for her. then i guess im gonna spill the beans. i wish both of us the best of luck. keep me posted on the outcome of your situation.!!!


Tia - April 12

I was nervous about telling my parents. But my mum already knew. She saw the signs, and the morning (all-day) morning sickness. She actually asked me in the end. Then we sat down and told my dad. First he was angry and disappointed, but he soon realised there was nothing he could do, and that it was going to happen whether he liked it or not. Now they both adore their grandson :-))


U have to tell them - April 12

Well I didn’t tell my mother I actually spoke to my aunt who is was very close with and she came with me and broke the news to my mom. It was hard because you don’t want them to be disappointed, but you have to tell them its going to be hard on them but after a while they will come around. My mother did and she started buying things for the baby and everything.


Tan - April 12

I told my mother that I had a normal doctor's appointment. She said she'd take me and drop me off. When she came back to get me she asked what the doctor told me and just handed over all the free advice the due date and the paper that stated that i was pregnant of course she started to fuss but now she cant want on her little grandchild to arrive. I am 17 years old I start college in Jan. So as long as i stick my plans on out my mom is happy, But daddy on the other hand its hard for him to get that threw his head that he is a young grandfather.Hahahaha!!


Shanta - May 2

Jennifer...Im 19 and 7 weeks pregnant my family hates my boyfriend with a pa__sion Im sOo scared to tell my parents myself. But when I was 16 I got pregnant (with the same boyfriend) and then I found out it was twins I had no idea how to tell my parents but one of my best friend gave me the greatest advice and that is to be honest. Easier said then done I totally understand but the more you wait the more p__sed they will be eventually they will come around and get over it and be the greatest grand-parents!! just keep your head up and remember you can do it!!


Shanta - May 2

Im 19 years old and 7 weeks pregnant Im sOo scared about everything but....Im a little worried cause I feel sharp pains on the right side of my stomach now I didnt know I was 100% pregnant untill tonight and the last couple of weekend I have been drinking and smoking with my friends and Im scared I might have hurt my baby could someone please tell me if the sharp pains are normal?!?! p.s. I was pregnant at 16 with twins (had an abortion)



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