How Do I Do It

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runner05 - June 13

i just found out i'm pregnat this weekend and i have to tell my parents but i'm scared... anyone can you give me some advise and how not to be as terrified!


xpinkx15 - June 13

That's a hard thing to do. Although, I haven't experienced this, I think all you need is confidence. Just go up to your mom when she is alone in the kitchen or something and say something like "mom..something's been really worrying me lately. I really need help. *take a deep breath*I think I'm pregnant"..or you could start dropping hints and leave it up to her to find out. Though I recommend that you just gather up the courage and tell her. Sorry I haven't been a great help but I tried and Good Luck! I am still not sure if I am pregnant but I know it's going to very hard for me to tell my mom because she is literally going to kill me =( I just hope I don't get pregnant and I don't have to go through all this because I am only 15.


xpinkx15 - June 13

typo in my last post "I just hope I don't get pregnant and I don't want to go through all this because I'm only 15" Sorry >.<


runner05 - June 13

well you've been a really good help.. just i wash i can get the courage.. me and my boyfriend were going to tell her tonight.. but i'm so supper scared.. but thank you so much for just taking the time to read and write back!


LaurenKaylyn17 - June 13

I thought my mom was going to strangle me. I didn't tell her and I knew for weeks that I was pregnant. I told her when I was about 9 weeks pregnant. I showed her the papers from Pregnancy Resource center stating that I was pregnant. Lol, obviously you can tell how chicken I was =X


shesdymed - June 13

tell us how it went. GOOD LUCK . its not going to b as bad as it seems. maybe just in the beginning because shes going to b in shock


Grandpa Viv - June 13

http://www.ppowb.or/gv/tell.htm has some ideas for you. The one that I don't think is there is the "constant drip" method. You start dropping hints: tired; feelng nauseous; real ga__sy (burp or fart at the table); weird period; low backache; senistive nipples; and eventually your mom will ask you straight up! Don't leave it too long - they are going to be on the team and deserve to know early. Good luck!


lizard_stinks - June 15

tell her sooner then later, she'll be upset you kept it from her. just tell her straight. then tell her your plans for the abby & ask that she be supportive, then have her tell your dad.


BaByHavinAbABy - June 15

Runner..this is always a hard thing to do. Your scared what shes going to think...if shes going to be upset and disappointed. But just remember that she has that right as your mom to be scared for you. Being pregnant is a big thing. Your mom is going to respect you more if you show her that your responsible enough to come to her with anything. At first she might cry or be mad, or not say anything at all. But in the end she'll be supportive for you in any decision you make, Whether is keeping it or not. In the end it will make your relationship with your mom that much stronger. Even if it doesnt seem like it at the moment. My mom is the most loving mom in the world, and the first time i got pregnant i was was really hard to tell her but i just did it, and she was upset...she even called me a s___t out of anger (even though she didnt mean it) she made me get an abortion, because i was 17 and living at her house. I really had no other choice. Im 20 and no longer live at home and im pregnant again, and she couldnt be happier. Me and my mom have been through alot since i was 17...(in some way i regret the abortion...but i wouldnt be where i am today...and nothing will ever replace that baby) The reason im telling you this, is because i dont want you to have to go through that. If you really want to keep this tell her what you want. And i promise...if you had a loving relationship before this, it wont stop it. It will get easier...dont make any quick decisions. and talk everything out with her, and how your going to get through this big event to come! Good luck!


midnight_drift - June 19

Hello. Look, if you don't want to tell your mom to her face, maybe you should write her a letter. I always give this suggestion, because it worked for my friend, and I wanted to do it. She wrote how much she loved them, but that she needed all the help she could get right now, and told them why. Good luck hunny.


Blackeye - June 22

Telling your mum will be the hardest thing you will do. She will be mad and dissapointed for a while but than she will calm down and understand you and help you every step of the way. Your mother had you and she knows what you are going through. But tell her no so she understands that you love her and want to tell her before so she can have trust in you from the start. Good luck...Let me know how it goes!


JessicaC - June 23

I like the letter idea too, mostly because you can choose your words carefully and express all of your feelings/concerns etc. If you want you could sit down with your mom and hand her the letter and be with her when she reads it. I find that it helps prevent words that you will later regret. My mom and I tend to say harsh things to each other when we are emotionally vulnerable, but when I can write a letter I can express how I feel better and it helps her understand. Of course, this all depends on your relationship with her! Good luck! I totally understand the anxiety you must be feeling!


belle - July 5

when i told my mom i called her... i didn't want to do it over the phone but i'm glad i did....i called and told her i had to tell her something but she was at work so i told her to call me back and she said no what is it and then she started asking me things it could be then she asked if i was pregnant and i just sat there silent for a few seconds then said yes and then she went through her denial stage and said no your not its wrong and i said i was and to my surprise she never got really mad she never yelled at me.....she just started talking about what i should do!!! Telling her over the phone gives you the space so that she doesn't flip on you but it also gives her the chance to ask you i think over the phone is best and no matter how scared you are you just have to do it pretend you calling to say hi so your mind isn't thinking about it when you diel then once shes on the phone tell her!! I wasn't going to tell my mom but i am so glad that i did and it has made this whole thing a lot easier!!!


baby_girl9906 - July 6

I can't tell you how to not be terrified... because I was and I tried to wait until I wasn't.... and it just didn't happen. Finally, I took a deep breath and just went to my mom and told her that my period was late. She was almost oddly calm about the whole thing and took me to get a pregnancy test and all. It came back positive and she just sat me down and asked me questions about what I wanted to do... I guess I'm saying you just have to do it... no time is going to be right and you're never going to not be terrified. I hope whatever you decide to say or do that everything turns out well. Good luck!



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