How Do I Get Through To Her

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ashley_1991 - September 17

Okay so my friend got pregnant with her little boy the same time around when i got pregnant with Dominik, her and her bf split and cuz he didnt wanna be with her she wont let him see Shawn(there son) but thats a whole diff story, i met up with her awhile ago to meet her baby and she had NO CLUE what she was doing with him, she was playing with his face while he cried and just doin things no mom should do, so i let it go thinking she may have been nervous but ive been watching her facebook lately and its all about partying and i know shes had ALOT of bf's since the baby was born and eachone gets introduced as the baby's daddy, now she lives with her dad and her dad has full custody but rather than making her take respoinsibilty and take care of her baby he does EVERYTHING, he goes to work and drops shawn off at daycare that HE pays for and she sits at home sleeping all hung over from the night before, the baby was sleepin in her room but it got so bad, she wasnt getting up with him andhe was getting a bad diaper rash cuz she refused to chnage him, her dad now has the baby in his room.. i just dont know how she could be so F**** selfish as to NOT take care of her own child, the kicker is (well theres 2) 1.. she was suppose to give the baby up for adoption wich in my opinion and i told her this when she decided was what was best for the baby, she was not mentally ready and i knew she would not chnage, the week b4 her due date she informs everyone that shes keeping the baby :0 shocker 2 is she just put a pic up on facebook of her and VERY clearly in the background you see little shawn in a playpen crying holding his diaper(as thats all he was wearing) the diaper is sagging to the ground, i cried when i saw it, CAS is involved and the house is grosse i dont know how they can let them keep the baby obv the dad aint to smart if he dont see this and hes living with it, i dont live there and i know this baby is being neglected, i feel so horrible ive called CAS numerous times to try and help poor little shawn out and when they go out everything is good.. what do i do? is there a way to get through to her? i dont wanna see this baby suffer


amanda17 - September 17

It might hurt her feelings, but maybe you should tell it to her straight---she's damaging that poor kid. Suggest parenting cla__ses and self help cla__ses for her obvious drinking/partying problems. It may or may not work, like I said in a post a while back I'm in a fairly similar situation and stuck because nobody's listening to me. I hope everything works out and I know how you feel. Let me know how it goes.


ashley_1991 - September 17

ive tried she just goes on about her bf at the tyme or soemthing, i feel stuck and helpless,,, >_< yes i saw your post a while back about that im going to keep trying ill keep you updated


iona - September 17

How horribly can forget your friend. Thank God her father stepped in, even if he is a partial idiot as you say. He should just kick her out if she is 18. Do you know the baby's father's parents...? Are they aware of the situation? Why doesn't the baby's father file for custody or is he a loser as well...? CAS will most likely do nothing because it is not "bad" enough. As much as it hurts to see this situation just be very proud that you got your stuff together and are providing for your baby as a mother should. Good luck!


AddysMummy - September 17

I honestly don't think anything will go through to this girl. Maybe write her an anonymous letter.. saying "I see how things are etc etc etc" and warn her that her kid is going to be taken away from her if she doesn't shape up. Ugh. She should have gone the adoption route :( the poor baby would be healthy and happy....


V9653 - September 18

Hell, she can still go the adoption route. Have you talked to her about that??



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