How Do I Know If Am Pregnant

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shana - May 16

i think that i am but it has been almost 3 weeks ago sens i have had un safe s_x an am not sure but how do i know if i am after alomst 3 weeks


Grandpa Viv - May 16

You are not saying you have missed a period, which means your s_x was right at the end of the last period. That is not the most fertile time of month. Also your body would have been telling you something was changing starting a week or ten days after s_x. You don't talk about that either. My guess is that you are off the hook this time. Always use a condom - there is no day that is completely safe. Use v____al spermicide as a backup until you get on the pill. Good luck!


debbie - June 22

i think i am pregnant but i have my periods could i still be pregnant even though i have my periods


Grandpa Viv - June 22

Debbie, about one out of four pregnancies experiences bleeding at period time in the first trimester, but it is usually different and lighter than normal.


naomi - June 23

do you get symptoms before your period is late???????? how early do you get the symptoms???? i had s_x 6 days ago wih no condom. i pee alot i got a lil nauseu two days a g i havent eatign in 3 days beacuse when im nervous my stomach shuts downs. i told my mom she has been so stressed out my boyfriend is movign to florida i get my peroid the 4th of july and i did a pregnancy test it came out neg. HELLLLLLLLLLLPPPPP


Grandpa Viv - June 23

Naomi, you can get symptoms starting with implantation a week or so after conception, and a week or so before your expected period. More frequent peeing, nausea and appet_te changes are early signs. So too are fatigue, upset gut, unusual discharge and overly emotional. There is nothing you can do right now but sit back and wait for developments. Don't start home testing until you have missed a normal period for sure, test first pee in the morning, and buy a two or three pack to use a week apart if the first one is negative. I'm real glad to hear that your mother is someone in whom you can confide. Goodluck!


rina - July 3

i had unprotected s_x with my husband 3 days after my period, i just want to know that was it a safe day or time.Actually there is still 10days more time for my period but still i am worried.


sweetpinkemoalieshia16 - January 10

i think im pregnant.i missed my period last month n have start to notice that my b___st feel different and look more fuller n slightly firm. have been wanting more food than usual which its strange for me. about 2weeks ago i felt sick for like 4 days, early hours in the morning. when im sleepin, i wake up feel hungry. am a very slim girl but have noticed have been gettin a bigger belly it look sorta boated but its not. i aint dont a pregnancy test coz am scared incase i am..... i aint been pregnant before and now am worring. are these signs showing that i am actually pregnant??


Grandpa Viv - January 11

A missed period is a prime sign, especially if you had s_xual exposure a couple of weeks before it was due. Heavier b___sts, increased appet_te, constipation, bloating, diarrhea and heartburn are signs. How about sensitive nips, lotion discharge, peeing more often, fatigue, veins showing more on b___bs and flanks, sensitive to certain smells, emotional, occasional lightheaded moments, low backache, headache, runny nose, vivid dreams, weird cramps? Dollar Store tests are cheap and good enough. Use on first morning pee, dip method. Let us know how it goes.!


amonkey623 - November 17

I think i might be pregnant but i aint sure.I pee alot.Eat more than normal.And eveeryone that looks at my stomach says I look like i am. I had my period but it only lasted 3 days but it was light spotting. I took 3 hpt but they all said negitive. Im wondering. Can i be pregnant but just to early to tell? or what. Im so confused :(


Grandpa Viv - November 17

Monkey, if you have been having unprotected s_x, your signs make pregnancy a distinct possibility. hCG hormone should double every few days. Test twice a week using first morning pee, dip method. Most women can get a positive by the time a normal flow period is two weeks late. Good luck!


AmyandJosh - December 1

Hi, I think I might be pregnant but too early to tell I'm sure. First off my last period was October 25th. My boyfriend and I had s_x November 24th three times, used a condom. November 25th and 26th we had unprotected s_x 10 times. We used the pull-out method. The 27th I started bleeding, probably my period since it's a few days after my normal time. Probably not inplantion bleeding considering it'd be too early. But I have noticed my bleeding is lighter than normal and stops then starts again. Sometimes brown, red or pink. I'm only 15. I have been cramping, feel bloated, b___terfly feeling, cold symphtoms, sometimes nausea, exhausted (12 hour sleep two nights in a row) I have been really emotional, i cry over little things my boyfriend says or does, and peeing more. Also lower back pain that started today. I can barely wait to take a test. I went to the doctors on November 29th and talked to him about the s_x and period. He said I could still get pregnant. I do want to be pregnant. Please help.


AmyandJosh - December 1

Oops some got delelted :( this goes with my lighter period: it is lighter, stops then starts again, the blood is red, sometimes a pinkish salmon color and brown


AmyandJosh - December 1

I also forgot to mention that my b___st seem more tender, skin around nipples are slightly darker, vains are showing and nipples are becoming more defined


Grandpa Viv - December 1

Do you normally have a 30 day cycle? It's very unlikely you got pregnant from s_x a couple of days before your period was due. Nevertheless, you have a long string of early pregnancy signs. Maybe you have been fooling around for some time, and some sperm accidentally got in you around Nov 10 or a few days before. I'm surprised the doctor did not give you a pregnancy test. I suggest you get a cheap one from the Dollar Store and run it on first morning pee this coming weekend. Use first morning pee, and follow the instructions carefully. GL!


AmyandJosh - December 2

I never really pay attention to my period. It's not really consistant with the same day of the month. It likes to switch. Isn't possibly to get pregnant at anytime? My doctor told me even if I'm on my period I still have a chance of getting pregnant. He wants me to get tested when I miss my period which I'm guessing might be around Christmas. I'm still going to take a test this weekend, but I think it's too early. I have a gut feeling I'm pregnant. I really do want to be, I've been praying I am. My boyfriend is already looking for jobs and has an interview in a week. I just hope everything goes smooth and hopefully the way I'd like it to. I feel selfish wanting to be pregnant so bad. I'll keep in touch. Thank you


Meggo - January 17

I'm 17 and im just finishing up my senior year. Theres going to be a lot, so bear with me: I finished up my period about 2 weeks ago, but a few days after, I started to feel cramping again along w/ some extreme moodiness- at least, according to my bf of 2 years. Still in the first week after my period, I could tell he started to get worried, saying that i've been really sensitive lately and he doesnt know why I'm so moody. So, to try and ease him, I told him that Im probably just having post pms instead of having it prior to my period (but the truth is that I had little pms before and during too), but its at least 2 weeks after i finished my period and Im still having some cramping that comes and goes throughout the day & I'm still just as moody (if not more), and just as irritable, and emotional(i've even cried). Not to mention, I've been getting tired during the day, and wanting to sleep earlier each night. Also,I get headaches that throb instead of them just being muscle headaches and have been a little backed up at times (i know, too much info.) Although, even more recently (mainly in the evening) I feel a sort of a rush of vibrations around my abdomen and inner theighs along with some bloating, bubbles, muscle twitches... The only noticable back pain I get is when im at school, but i just blame it on my bag, which is always just as heavy, which has never bothered me before... I tried just summing up all my symptoms as my mind is just playing tricks on me or just any other excuse I could find(being dehydrated, P.E., gas, anything) but sometimes, it just seems like the possibility that i could actually be pregnant is still a factor and that i shouldnt just simply brush it off. Also, I am on the pill. But I've been on it for around 3 years, maybe less.. and sometimes I slip and forget to take a pill, and have to play catch up. My boyfriend and I dont use condoms, cuz they irritate me down there, and give me uti's. But he does finish inside me, so thats why im concerned. I know the pill can give a girl side effects, but I've been on it for so long that these seem a little abnormal to me. Oh, and I forgot to mention a couple minor things, for the last week, my discharge has changed. it usually is really light and i dont usually feel it. but for the last week, the amount of it is larger so that i do feel it. And when i go to the bathroom, the clear fluid wets my panties, and the white discharge is thicker. And before i would eat the school food, and now I much rather not. Like, i've attempted, just to put something in my stomach, but after a couple bites, i just stop saying that i cant do this. ...could it be??? Or is it all in my head?



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