How Do I Know If I M Pregnant CONFUSED

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worriedteen07 - November 17

Hey, I'm a 19 year old girl, who was stupid enough to have unprotected s_x with a guy. This guy who is also 19 has 2 kids already and both girls had their periods during their pregnancy, they both didnt know they were pregnant until like they were 4 months pregnant. One girl had her period until her 8th month. It hasnt come time for my period so I dont know if im gunna have it or not, but since those two girls had theirs during their pregnancy do you think i'll have mine? and if I do how do I know if i'm pregnant.....?????? please help!


Corrie - November 17

No, just because they had theirs (which is not common, especially 8 months), doesn't mean you will have yours if pg.; It is highly unlikely actually. How long are your cycles and what was the date of your last period?


worriedteen07 - November 17

uhh... its usually 3 days and it was at the beginning of this month.


R__ - November 17

everyone is different and so are pregnancies. and actually spotting or periods during pregnancy are more common these days. i have had two periods this pregnancy. but just because they did is no sign you will. just look for it to show when its due and see if you have any uncommon symptoms for your cycle.


Corrie - November 17

R_..I agree spotting is very common..but having a your period for 8 months isn't. (Just clarifying.) :)


worriedteen07 - November 17

so should I take a pregnancy test just in case like after my period.???


Corrie - November 17

If you have your period like normal, there really isn't any reason for concern, but if it makes you feel better to test after your period, to put your mind at ease, I would. Good Luck~


R__ - November 17

if your period was at normal time and normal flow than chances are you are not pregnant but if it was irregular enough to where you noticed a change in it then i would wait to test about a week after its over. that way whatever shows up on the test you know it should be accurate.


xKarax - November 19

Wow he sounds like such a great guy... I'd be more worried about STDs than pregnancy atm :| Just cos they got periods (well i dount it was actually periods, thats just weird) doesnt mean that you'd get them too just by being pregnant by the same player. If it made you feel better take a test after your period


EMMA2 - November 19

Ok let me clarify. NO ONE has their period while pregnant. You can't have your period because that means you ovulated . Ovulation in pregnancy is one of the things that just NEVER happens. What they might have experienced was light bleeding or spotting but not an actual period. I doubt it was regular as well. Geesh will people just learn already!


AddysMummy - November 19

Emma2 is right, a period is when you ovulate, therefor they just experienced bleeding, which is not exactly the most common thing, for 8 months at least. I had "bleeding" while I was pregnant with my daughter, but that was only about 2/3 days and there was a huge difference than my normal period. So if you have had a normal period then you should not worry, if it would make you feel better to test then do it, because there have been times where my fiance and I just didn't know and worried and tested, well now we are trying but... anyways good luck.


mummy2paris - November 19

yea EMMA2 is right i had bleeding for the first 4 months of my pregnancy but it wasnt a period!!! When your period is due if your late test if your not and still worried consult your doctor!!


Grandpa Viv - November 19

So if you are expecting your next period around Dec 1 then you probably ovulated around Nov 17 and Nov 16 would have been your most fertile day. There is a 30% chance of pregnancy from unprotected at that time. If you are getting pregnant you will likely feel some changes by next weekend. Test first morning pee Dec 1 and again a week later. Did you consider PlanB, emergency contraception? It works pretty well within 72 hours of unprotected. Good luck!


krissy2006 - November 19

Ok just to clear some facts here, not that Emma will listen because she is very narrow minded... but in any case you CAN have a period while pregnant although it is rare. There is a uterine anomaly called a septate uterus where the uterus is divided down the center by a thin membrane wall, such as your nostrils are divided down the middle by your septum, hence the name septate uterus.... anyway if you become pregnant and have a fully septate uterus the side you are pregnant on will not bleed but the other side will still acquire a lining and shed it, as it has no clue that the other 1/2 of the uterus is pregnant. Now for those of you who want FACTS go ahead and google septate uterus and you will find that it is indeed POSSIBLE, NOT PROBABLY that you CAN have a period while pregnant.



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