How Do I Know If Im Pregnant After Two Days

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adreina - May 23

ok....i was at the beach and we didnt have a condom and we where high and werent it just was saturday night around 11 or 12 something at can i tell if im pregnant i was on my last day of my do i know?...please help!!!!!!!!!


soleil - May 23

u cant find out til like 10 days after ur "ovulated" by blood test, if not u just gotta wait til ur period is due, if it doesnt show up then take a test.


Grandpa Viv - May 24

Day6 of your cycle is pretty low risk. You don't ovulate until about Day14. You could still take the morning after pill to reduce the risk considerably. Call 1-800-230-PLAN or search


someone - June 3

can u know if ur pregnant after 8 days?


Audrey - June 3

Someone- Usually if you are pregnant it takes some time for the pregnancy hormone Hcg to build up. The earliest you can use a home test is at the time you expect your period to show up.


someone - June 24

no u cant no


lisa - July 4

what r the signs that ur pregnant


Grandpa Viv - July 4

Lisa, click the Am I Pregnant link to the left, or visit


.... - July 4

and people wonder why marijuana's still illegal........


melissa - July 4

ok...its been a week already since i've had s_x so. can i tell if im pregnant after a week?


Audrey - July 4

Melissa- A week after s_x is too early. You need to wait until you expect your next period to show up before a home pregnancy test will give an accurate result.


to krystal - July 8

i think you are fake but well if you arent then you should report him and theres no way your stomach would be getting bigger after 4 days!!!


manda - July 13

is it still possible to get pregnant even if your bf pulled out? Ive heard that there is something like prec_m which is stronger then actual c_m and a guy doesnt always feel that.


nena - July 13

have u had any symptoms?


manda - July 14

no my bf came home from iraq for his 2 week leave and everytime we had intercourse he pulled out and he just went back to iraq 4 days ago but a good friend of mine brought up something how she heard of prec_m and how its a lot stronger then actual i was wondering if anyone else ever heard of it


kate - July 14

mamda, yes i heard that too, u also can get pregnant for prec_m. if ur not wanted to get pregnant, u should look in to another kind of birth control. good luck, i hope ur man we be ok and god bless him!!!


KT - July 15

stop asking such stupid questions!!!!!!! we aren't psychics!!!



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