How Do I Know If Im Ready To Have A Baby

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ashley hess - September 15

everytime i see someone who is prenant i wanna be in their shoes and be pregnant to i cant wait to have a baby with my boyfriend he is 20 and im only 15 but i think im ready for that responability..i wanna be a mom real bad i ready or not


KEE - September 15

NO WAY! Don't do it girl! You may think you are ready but I suggest you do some research before you do! Come with me for a couple of days and help me with my teething baby! I can guarantee you will leave feeling you have had a lucky escape. Don't get me wrong, I would never be without my little girl and she was planned but its a huge responsibility and at 15 you are in no way prepared. There's plenty of time for all that. Enjoy your teenage years and finish school and make yourself and everyone who knows you proud, then when you do have kids you will be able to tell them of your success. Not telling them you couldn't wait and couldn't give them full support because you were still a child yourself. Another thing I should point out is that if your boyfriend is having s_x with you he is breaking the law and could get into a lot of trouble with the 'proof'. Please wait and grow up and get yourself sorted and settled first before you plan for a child. It's worth the wait when you can do it right.


JF - September 15

no u are not ready. when i was 15 my sister had her first child. my sister is 12 years older than me but she acts way more immature than i did at 15. she used to go out all the time and i was to young so i stayed at home and watched my neice. it was hard tryin to put the baby to sleep and do homework and sometimes the baby would wake up in the middle of the night when i had to go to school the next morning. i then went on to have a baby when i was 18. its very hard to have a child at such a young age. please do not have a baby yet. wait till you are older! my son is 2 years old now and im tryin to finish college but even now its hard because i can never seem to find time to study like a normal college student does.


? - September 15



Shadow - September 15

No. You're definetly not! You're 15 years old. Even having s_x with him is stagitory rape and if he did get you pregnant, then your parents could and probably would press charges. Did you also think about things like money? Do you know how much a baby costs? There's the crib, diapers, food, formula, clothes, blankets, the shots they need in their first months, and I could go on and on. Another point: YOU'RE A BABY YOURSELF!!! You're a baby!!! You're not even old enough to go to the doctor by yourself. Take it from someone who knows and DON'T get pregnant. Wait until you're over 18 and married. Wait until you are stable and able to take care of yourself. Who do you think is going to take care of your baby while you finish school? You're boyfriend? NOT A CHANCE! He'll probably leave you the second you get pregnant or when the baby is born. "That baby looks nothing like me! It can't be mine!" Maybe some other dumb excuse. Your mother? Highly doubtfull! Why don't you try finishing high school and maybe doing some kind of college because you can't get nearly as far as you used to be able to with just a high school degree! Not to be mean or anything, but TWO of my friends got knocked up by their boyfriends. Both said they wanted the baby. Then they were gone and my friends had to walk across that high school graduation stage with me; One 7months pregnant, and the other almost ready to deliver! Life isn't a faerie tale! Wait until you're not a baby anymore. You have another 25 year period when you can have kids and get married. I beg of you. I know how hard it is! DON'T DO IT YET! Go on the pill! Use a condom! Just don't get pregnant now..........


ure gross!! - September 16

dude 20 and 15 does not go together you sicko. when ure your age your never ready. you may THINK you are ready... but really u have no brains and u want attention. yuck 20 years old. he'll get u pregnant then run off when the baby is born. its what happens to most children mothers on here...


Amber - September 16

If you need to ask, you are not ready.


Shorty - September 27

You will know when you are ready when you have aloving partner who wants one aswell, and will be supportive and loving and will not ditch you, you will need to be in a financial position to support yourself and your child FULLY, not relying on your parents or the government. And being a parent you have to put on hold everything you want, such as clothes, social life, sleep ect ect so it is a big decision and at your age there is no way you can be ready. If you have to ask yourself if you are ready or how will you know... you already know that you are not ready.


keefersmom - September 27

If you have to ask, you way too young to have a child. A child needs a mother that can make desisions for herself AND her chid. Grow up, get married, life a bit and THEN have a child.


Kari - October 1

aaww ashley, I know how you feel. i've felt like that for as long as I can remember, I've always wanted to be a mum! It is hard seeing people around you (inc strangers) pregnant and with children. However, you are, as you say yourself, only 15. as you used the word 'only' I think you already know you are not quite old enough to financially take care of a baby for at least 18 yrs of it's life. You'd be looking at committing to supporting your child for longer than you have been alive yourself, think of it like that it seems a bit more daunting. I would love a baby more than anyone but I will wait until the time is right. That way my children will have everything they need and I won't be under pressure money wise. I am 24 just now and still not a mother, I hope to be in the next few years. I know that sounds like ages away to you just now but believe me it will disappear and you'll not feel grown up, I still feel very young although I have a career, 2 cars and a home of my own! You can do this too, but not if you have the baby first. take your time, your kids and your body will thank you for it in the end. You sound responsible as you asked rather than a__suming it's right for you, I admire you for that and I hope everything works out for you. All the luck in the world xxx



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