How Do I Make Her Get An Aboriton

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Chuckaa - November 9

me and my girl are 14 we have been havin s_x 4 5 months but didnt use comdoms cos i dint like em. shes told me shes preg an keepin it. i dont want it how do i make her get a aboriton? i want her but dont wanna baby. my brother says i should hit her but it didnt do anythng. whatma suposed to do?


kay - November 9

she is the mother of the baby its her decision if she wants to keep it, but tlk 2 her and tell her how you feel. ur jus gonna hav 2 b their an support her. luv


Chuckaa - November 9

wot about it bin mine 2 or dont i get a say? an she says she cant even have s_x til its born. i dont want it icant at 14 an all my mates will take p__s outta me shes ruinin my life


Jessica - November 9

If she's ruining your life then break up with her. It's the mothers decision whether or not she wants to keep the baby. I agree with everyone here. She was good enough to have s_x with but the baby is not good enough? It's a person too and if you do anything to her I hope you go to jail for it. Abortion is the most awful thing possible. That baby has a purpose in life. Either step up and take responsibility or leave her alone cuz it's obvious your not going to do anything that could be any help to her.


angel - November 9

chuckaa, believe it or not the baby is growing in your girlfriend, she is the one thats gonna have problems, (from friends) not you,!! so what if your friends are gonna take the p__s outta ya, she is 14 and is gonn go through a hell of a lot more then you , and as it is her body, there is nothing you can do about it!, if she decides to keep the baby then so be it , and as for the s_x,thing, why cant she have s_x till after baby is born???, how far along is she??


KM - November 9

You guys are really a disgrace, what are you doing on this site ne way?Forcing anyone to have an abortion is ILLEGAL.if you can't handle the responsibilites that come with having unprotected s_x, then you should keep it in your pants.


Lila - November 10

Listen to Tom Leykis, he's a God. He gives great advice on getting a girl to have an abortion. t, "her decisions" majorly affect Chuckaa's life, so he shouldn't just leave her alone. Some girls are so selfish when they have kids against the fathers wishes, then expect them to pay child support. Some people just aren't ready for kids, stop trapping these poor guys.


Chuckaa - November 10

i arnt payin child support 4 somthing that aint my fault if i say get a aboriton she either does it or im out 4 good,, if its harf mine it shoud be harf my decison i dont earn any $$$ anyway so shell get nothing outta me. if she wants to keep the stupid kid i hope she enjoys doin it on her own


Jessie - November 10

Chuckaa you need to take responisblity for your actions, and u have no right in playing god- never kick or hit a pregnant lady, for god's sake be a man about it


KDE - November 11

how can he be a man about it? hes 14, hes a boy. a boy that just knows how to have s_x not have babies


jelly belly2005 - November 11

first of all there is no hitting needed!!! that wont make her loose the baby but could harm it!!!! you cant make her change her mind and nobody says you have to be there...but if you truly want her you will be there for her..your flesh and blood is growing inside of her with a heart and all!!! try talking to her!! nicley!!


Chuckaa - November 11

im scared


Chuckaa - November 12

ive told my dad, hes mad but told me a few home truths an d made me see what i gotta do he even let me get drunk wit him an we talked.. an talked. im gonna try an take care of this baby if it kills me


E - November 12

Chuckaa - please try to find it in your heart and soul to love the baby that is yours. This baby is a product of you and does not deserve to be abandoned or mistreated. I know you are young and scared and I do not blame you but the fact remains that there is nothing you can do or say to make her abort. It is not your right to do that or to expect that of her. You can wish it all you want but you impregnated her and have to deal with this like a MAN. I know you can do it and I wish you the best. Love your baby:) He/she will need you for the rest of its life. You may find that you need him/her too after its born and you have a chance to bond.


to chuckaa - November 12

thats good to hear I'm glad to hear you didnt turn out like those insensitive guys who only care for themselves I hope everything goes well for you and your girl remember to give her good support cause being pregnant is hard. especially for her being so young well keep your head up and I wish you luck


red - November 13

You can't make her get an abortion. And hitting her is not an option. You should have thought about that when you were having unprotected s_x. So now you need to grow up.


red - November 13

Yall should enroll in parenting cla__ses they will help you alot. And if you have to be a paper boy then do it.



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