How Do I Tell My Mom

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marie - October 5

im 17, and i found out about a week ago that im pregnant. how and when do i tell my mom?


Jen - October 5

What is your mom like? Will she be understanding? I think you should tell her right away.


To Mom - October 5

Mom have something that I need to tell you and I am unsure of how you are going to react to it. I am just going to tell you and all I really need from you at this point is to just listen and be there for me because I am really scared. I found out last week that I am pregnant... I know you may be feeling dissapointed and hurt.. and I will wear that, but I need you to be there and be supportive because I have no idea what to do and I really need some adult advice. I dont know what is going to happen or what things will be like, but no matter what.. I want my mom to be there with me. I am so very sorry if this hurts you, as I never meant to do that, but I guess whats done is done and I cant change that.. as much as I wish I could.. but the thing is this whole situation now is not about me or you or other people... its about this baby... mom I really really need you... I am sorry


Daile - October 11

Most of that letter is good advice, but why should she be apologizing? You make it sound as if she should be sorry she is pregnant, and that is not right. Marie, tell your mom as soon as you can. Also, you should tell the father, if you know who he is. Don't worry too much about how your mom will respond. She will likely be angry at first, but she will come to love her grandchild.


To Mom - October 14

Because she is putting more responsibility on her parents, what?? You think getting pregnant at 17 is a really smart thing to do?? NO! SO stop thinking that people have to turn their life around just because you are pregnant, because they dont..


Daile - October 15

Maybe getting pregnant at 17 isn't a smart thing to do, but that does not mean she should have to apologize for it. And yes, her parents will probably help in raising the child. Guess what? Most young adults, married or otherwise, who have a child rely on their parents for help and information. You don't suddenly become independent at 18, and you never stop needing your mothers advice. There is absolutely no reason for her to feel that she needs to apologize.



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