How Do I Tell My Parents

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mely - March 16

im 19 and i just found out im 7weeks pregnant how do i tell my parents... i have been out of high school for 2 years im in college and i have a great job what do i do?


Julia - March 16

Well telling parents is te hardest part.....I would probably just come right out and tell them maybe over dinner or something. They be upset at first....but most are okay after awhile. It may just take them some getting use to. email me anytime [email protected]


Grandpa Viv - March 16

Yep! We view our parents differently from other people until we are well into our 50s. Mely, you're an adult capable of making her own decisions and negotiating adult-adult transactions with anyone, parents included. You just go "Mom, sit down a moment. There's something we need to talk about".


Mommy2Kylie - March 16

Well - You're 19, you're an adult, so it shouldn't be to hard to tell them. But I understand. Good luck to you with everything! <3


Brittany - August 16

well your 19 and you finished high school you say you have a good job your parents shouldnt be mad at youu.. they should be happy soo i wouldnt be to afraid to tell them dont hold back if they do get upset with you that will all b__w overr soon enough its there grandchild they will mostlikly want to be there for you and the baby!


b - August 16

I am in the same situation... exactly the same situation. I moved back home and would recommend that you put all of the positive points in front of your parents before the negative. It would help to have your partner with you. let me know if you need advice.


Shannon - August 16

I'm 24 and preg w/ our 4th and telling my mom was so hard!!! I had my 1st when I was 16 and mom told me I was preg.


Helly - August 17

Get one of those "we're expecting" cards from Hallmark.


bellamy - August 25

i am only 14 and how should i tell my parents im pregnant?


LIL - August 26

This is something my aunt told me to do, you get a little gift bag, and place a nice little note saying "guess what??" She will put her hand Inside the bag where a she will open a small box containing baby shoes and a note that reads..."congratulations your going to be grandparents!" Also an ultrasound picture would be nice! Good Luck!



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