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help! - December 22

im 5 months pregnant and not showing so much, im scared to tell my parents because they'll kick me out, and i know i cant stay wit my bf. how do i tell them?? im almost 16 btw


Grandpa Viv - December 22

Buy a Happy Christmas Grandma card, address the envelope to your mom, and leave it where she will find it. She will put two and two together. They will not kick you out, and once they have had time to digest the information they will support you. Try the "Telling" page at and good luck!


Yolanda - December 26

If they love you they will get mad at first but then they will have to accept the idea of you having a baby!


Jenn - December 26

honey if your 5 months . they should support your choice. why are kids so afraid of their parents...... i just dont get it who else are they suppose to turn too? thats what parents are for......good luck.. be strong your going to be a momma..:)


Krystal - December 26

They are going to find out eventrally. The longer you wait the more they will feel that you hid it from them and feel like you were lieing to them and you dont need to make matters worst.. Its already done so just keep moving faward. They might get hurt but they will get use to it eventrally. Good Luck.The way I always said I would tell my parents is get them both in a room together (if they;re not busy doing anything else) And ask what would be worst me getting AIDS or being prenant. OF course AIDS is soo much worst so then say well atleast I dont have aids. Just an idea. :) Take it one step at a time whatever u say. Good Luck! P.s How old are you?


laney - December 26

they wont kick you out.they are your parents who obviously care about you and love you.They will get angry but will come round.I am talking from experience lol.I didnt tell my parents i wrote a letter.Other ways are you could leave signs around like a pregnancy text or magazine.Good luck xo


T - December 27

I know it is the hardest thing to do, I'm 17 and told my family, tonight my fiance and I told his mother, she freaked out worse than my parents, unfortunately you can't hide it forever and the sooner you tell them the more time they have to get use to the idea before the baby is born.



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