How Do You Tell Your Parents Please Help

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Rachel - January 6

I'm 16 and pregnant. The thing is I don't know how to tell my parents. My boyfriends parents know but I don't know how to tell mine and I'm really scared. I know I've gotta tell them soon but how? Please help.


caro - January 6

Telling your parents is one of the hardest things you could do when pregnant. Since your boyfriend's parents know about it why dont you tell them to talk tp your parents or ask them to be there when you tell them.


Rachel - January 6

Thanx that's a good idea and it's lucky really that I get on really well with his parents


caro - January 6

no problem girl good luck with everything


Chris - January 6

Hi Rachel, I'm a mom of 2 teenagers and have often thought of how I would react if 1 of my daughters were to become pregnant. I would not be angry, I would know that this was not something they wanted to happen. I would do everything I could to be supportive. Just tell them, you'll feel better. I think after they get over their initial shock later on they will look forward to your baby.


Natalie - January 7

i dont think its a good idea to get your boyfriends parents to tell yours. firstly it would sound better coming from you, secondly, dont you thinkthey would like to feel that their daughter could have turned to them before turning to someone elses parents. its just a suggestion, but tell your parents yourself, calmly, and talk to them telling them that you have been worried to tell them, but you feel it would be best coming from yourself. parents often have more respect for you if you have the guts to tell them yourself. or choose one of your parents to tell and get them to tell the other


Grandpa Viv - January 7

"Mom, are you looking forward to having grandchildren?" Good luck!


amy02 - January 7

Bring in a trusted third party with a objective point of view to help calm you parent down.When the dust selltles they will understand why you went to someonelse first.They may even feel bad you didn't think you could trust them not to feel bad.You are the only ones here who know how they will recact so go with the plan the best fits you.All parent are different and what works for one may not work for anther.We can only give suggestions.


Rachel - January 7

Thanks everyone, there are some really good ways to help.



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