How Does Plan B Affect Your Next Period

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Grandpa Viv - July 2

Bam, with the hormone upset you have thrown at your cycle, there is no guarantee that your expected period July 5th will show on schedule. Even so, a test about that time should be pretty reliable. I think your chance of pregnancy is very slim.


bam11 - July 4

I am hoping you are right. It is now July 4th and still no period. I'm thinking Plan B really messed me up. I will do what you suggested and start testing after tomorrow. Thank you for all your help


ShelleyLynn - July 7

Okay I need some advie.. My boyfriend and I had s_x on June 30th. I took plan b July 2. I was supposed to start July 2 as well. But I have yet to start. I am 6 days late and I took a pregnancy test that came back negative today.. I have been worrying and stressing. What should I do?


ShelleyLynn - July 7

To add to the comment above he had on a condom but it sorta came off during intercourse but we stopped. He says none got in me. I took first response pregnancy test.


Grandpa Viv - July 7

Shelley, if your cycle is regular and you were supposed to start July 2nd, you probably ovulated June 18th, and a contraceptive malfunction around that time would be responsible for pregnancy. Have you been having s_xual contact right along? PlanB the day before your period is supposed to start is pretty futile. Now you have the problem that PlanB may have delayed your period, and may also be giving you early pregnancy signs. Run a home preg test this weekend and repeat a week later. GL!


ShelleyLynn - July 7

Okay thank you. Maybe it is the plan b. Do I take the first response this weekend? And it was my first time to have s_x.


loveme23 - July 10

I had unprotected s_x for the first time on Tuesday july 5. My bf pulled out when he was climaxng but he's worried about pre-c_m. I took plan b Thursday july7. I was duefor my period on fri july8. Its Sunday july 10 and still no period. I took a test today which said negative. What do u think is taking place..should I be worried


Claire1234 - July 13

I need help!! So im really good about taking my pills everyday at the same time but messed up on the 1st of July, so i took two the next day. I waited a full seven days taking it regulary before having s_x again which was on the 9th of july. During s_x the condom broke but we noticed right as it happened and stopped. I took plan B that night (just a couple hours after s_x) just to be safe. The next morning I kept with my regular birth control pack which was starting the sugar pills the next day. Before I took plan b that whole previous week I felt cramps like I normally do before my period, but they drastically decreased after taking plan b and having s_x. Is this normal? I'm 17 and take the responcibility of s_x very seriously trying in to prevent pregnancy and i hope i did the right thing to try and prevent it as best i can. How likely are my chances? This is my first time taking plan b so im a__suming its normal for my period to be delayed? I still have cramps they are just not as strong as before, and Im on day 4 of the sugar pills. I'm really worried, please help!


Ddizzle571 - July 21

I took plan b last June around the 9th after I had s_x but he didn't ejaculate inside of me but we were still being safe. And I still had my period that following week. But now it's July and my period usually comes around the middle of the month but I haven't had it. I took a pregnancy test and it came out negative. So is that the plan b messing up my cycle? Please help!


ladeehazelbaby - July 21

someone please help. i had s_x on june 13th. took plan b on the 14th. and had my period a few days early but it was normal. all of my hpts are negative but my period is supposed to start next week and i am cramping and bloated already. advice?! i just took a test today too, it was negative.


09burgos - August 4

So I have a few questions...from july 29 to july 30 my boyfriend and I had s_x with and without a condom - my boyfriend never ejaculated but the idea of pre - ejac scared the c___p out of me. Thus does not having taken plan b until the end of the weekend deem it ineffective against pregnancy? Now just going off of taking plan b, the second pill was taken on Monday, aug 1st around 10 am. Now i was supposed to start my next period tuesday august 2..buut i still haven't started and it's thursday (and this is around the time of day that it normally starts too). So when would be a good time to take a pregnancy test? Thanks!


mayxaira - August 9

my period is about a week late but I took plan be about a month ago and im slightly worried. My boyfriend and I did have unprotected s_x before but Im 90% sure he did not ejaculate in me. Is there a possibility that plan b is to blame for my late period?


Grandpa Viv - August 9

09Burgos, if your cycle is regular and the only s_xual exposure you had was in the week before your expected period, it is extremely unlikely that you are pregnant. The PlanB has thrown your chcle out of whack. Just to be sure, take a test a week after your period waas supposed to start. mayxaira, it seems like you took PlanB following s_x close to the end of your period in early July, like cycle day 6? That is not in the fertile window. I am a bit surprised that the effects of PlanB have not worn off, but it could have delayed or prevented ovulation, which in turn would make your August period go missing. I don't hear you tell of any of the early signs of pregnancy. You could run a home preg test, but I am pretty sure it will be negative. GL~


Ninastar - August 11

how do i start..well back in june i took plan b 4 days later i started my period seem normal ...kept having protected s_x after that july got my period again..this time i was cramping bad i never had this pain before well i tough it was da pill efects after a month...were in august i only spotted 2 days i kept having the bad pain of realy worried kus ive only had unprotected s_x twice in month of july... this has never happen to me by the way it was my first time taking plan b..could i be prego o is the pill making me irregulate pls help


Someone13 - August 14

I actually took plan b last Sunday the 7th, and today exactly 1 week later I started my period and I wasn't due to start until the 27th. Is this normal? What if I was already pregnant when I took the pill and didn't know, I don't think I was but could that be a possibility and now I'm having a miscarriage because of the pill? I'm really worried so please help!


Grandpa Viv - August 15

Ninastar, if you had unprotected in July and your August period is missing, you should test. No other signs - tired, peeing, lotion discharge, b___st and nips changing, appet_te and smells? Someone13, PlanB can kick-start a bleed. If your period was originally due 27th, ovulation was expected yesterday 13th and there is no way you could have had implantation yet. Your s_x was cycle day 7 which is scarcely in the fertile window. It is extremely unlikely you are getting pregnant. Take care with s_x and contraception until your cycle gets back to normal. GL!



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