How Does Plan B Affect Your Next Period

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Grandpa Viv - August 15

Ninastar, if you had unprotected in July and your August period is missing, you should test. No other signs - tired, peeing, lotion discharge, b___st and nips changing, appet_te and smells? Someone13, PlanB can kick-start a bleed. If your period was originally due 27th, ovulation was expected yesterday 13th and there is no way you could have had implantation yet. Your s_x was cycle day 7 which is scarcely in the fertile window. It is extremely unlikely you are getting pregnant. Take care with s_x and contraception until your cycle gets back to normal. GL!


paulinian - August 21

Hi! I have a question. I had s_x with my bf Day 10 of my period. I took plan B the next day and after a week I had bleeding for 4 days. I a__sumed, that would be my period came early after taking Plan B. Then on Day 26, I had s_x with my bf again counting the Day 1 would be the second bleeding after I took the plan B. Today is my Day 33 and still no period. I'm getting a lil cramps and b___st hurts, and getting a discharge. I took pregnancy test yesterday and it was negative. I was wondering is it possible that I could be pregnant from Day 26 that we had s_x? I am so worried! Thanks in advance.


Someone13 - August 22

So, I started my period the 14th of August, like I said above, early because of Plan B that I took a week prior to my period. It's been a week and a day later and I'm STILL spotting. I'm a little concerned and I don't understand why I'm still bleeding. Any advice or info would help a bunch!


meandonlyme - August 24

i took plan b 26 days ago..i was suppost to get my period on august14 and nothing a few days ago i took a pregnancy test and it came our possitive i took another one and it came out negative....i have realy bad crams and my brest hurt like if my period is coming so may i be pregnant or not can someone please help me!!!


Grandpa Viv - August 24

onlyme, it sounds like your PlanB episode was very close to your probable end-of-July ovulation. A positive test is hard to ignore, especially when accompanied by pregnancy signs. PlanB is not 100% guaranteed. I think you should take another test this coming Saturday using first morning pee. If it is positive, carry it to your mom and ask if she thinks you might have a problem. Come back and let us know how it goes. GL!


Grandpa Viv - August 24

Someone13, I am not hearing anything to suggest that you are pregnant, just that PlanB has messed with your cycle more than most. Actually, if you had not taken PlanB you would currently be having anormal period. If you are still spotting a couple of weeks from now, it will be time to check with a doctor. Just tell your mom you have been spotting for a while and you are worried something is wrong. GL!


paulinian - August 24

Grandpa Viv, Hi! Can I follow up on my question? Thanks. Paulinian


Grandpa Viv - August 25

Paulinian, PlanB questions are difficult. The company research just says "75% effective if taken within 72 hours", with a list of possible side effects, none of which are time specific. Let me get this right - you had s_x CD10, PlanB CD11 and a bleed CD18. You counted the bleed as a period and reset to CD1. Now a month later you are worried about pregnancy from s_x CD26, which by all accounts is not a likely cycle day to get pregnant. Suppose that your body had a PlanB bleed but your cycle clock did not reset. Your s_x thought to be on CD26 might have been on CD16, close to ovulation. You would now be on CD23, too early to test but not too early to get early signs. All very theoretical. If you get more early pregnancy signs and no period, it would be a good idea to test again Sunday morning, and repeat a week later. Mail me if you wish, and good luck!


paulinian - August 25

Grandpa Viv, thanks for responding to my message. I really appreciate it. Let me give you the exact date so there is no confusion: June 30- CD1 July 9- unprotected s_x which would be CD10 July 11- Plan B CD11 July 19- bleeding for 4 days CD 20 August 13- unprotected s_x CD45 (if to follow June 30 as CD1) CD26, (if to follow July 19 as CD1) August 24- pregnancy test negative CD56 (if to follow June 30 as CD1) CD26 (if to follow July 19 as CD1) Should I be worry that I could be pregnant? Thank you so much in advance


Grandpa Viv - August 25

Understood. My concern is that July 28 was a CD1, 28 days after June 30th, even though you did not have bleed. That makes Aug 13th close to ovulation, with menstruation due today. Like I said, theoretical. The bottom line is you had unprotected s_x 12 days ago, and now you have a couple of early preg signs - weird cramps, b___sts hurt, lotion discharge. How about fatigue, frequent peeing, backache, acne, upset gut, hot flashes, sensitive nips, dreams, stuffy nose, cry for no reason, appet_te, fav. foods, smells? You need to take a couple more tests at one week intervals to be sure of your situation. GL!


paulinian - August 26

thanks grandpa viv! I really appreciate your response. I have a follow up question. Given that July 28 supposedly my CD1 and did not bleed and I had pregnancy test on August 24 and it was negative and technically I am almost 2 months delay. Shouldn't the test reveal a positive result? btw, I didn't have any signs that you have mentioned. thanks again in advance.


Grandpa Viv - August 26

If July 28 was CD1, Aug 25 would be CD28, and a false negative would be possible Aug 24. Since you have none of the other signs, chances are high that you are still experiencing after effects of PlanB. Just wait it out. GL!


paulinian - August 26

hi grandpa viv, so it's possible to ovulate even when you missed your period?


Grandpa Viv - August 27

It's actually the other way around. A period is a consequnce of ovulation, following it by 12 to 16 days. There are occasions when a bleed can occur even without ovulation, but this is not thought of as a true period. To answer your question, yes, if for some reason you miss an ovulatio and a period, the next trigger is ovulation.


paulinian - August 27

thanks grandpa viv. I had pregnancy test last night and it came out negative, when do you think is the best day to do it? thanks again.


Grandpa Viv - August 27

It is unlikely that you are pregnant. In pregnancy the hCG hormone is supposed to double every few days. Test again a week from now if you wish, and use stronger first morning pee. GL!



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