How Is Everyone Going ANyone Waiting To Test

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GimmeaBub - November 10

Just thought we would get over old topics and get back to what we were originally here for. Anybody waiting to test? I miscarried almost 4 weeks ago now, got a feeling i am pregnant again. I got all the symptoms back, including loads of cm, tired all the time, the sniffles and little pinching feelings. After i miscarried everything went back to normal pretty quickly my levels dropped really fast, apparantly my hcg levels were measuring up to someone who is about 3 weeks when i should have been 6 weeks, it was pretty upsetting at first cause it took me 4 months to concieve again, but i am feel blessed i can fall pregnant i suppose it's the waiting game. Anyway i used a clear blue today got a very very faint bfp in about 2 mins, but i am skeptical, i will try again in 2 days. Anybody else waiting? I am thinking we need to start a cheer squad lol. Baby Juice


PreciousBaby19 - November 10

my last period was sept 17th, its now day 55 and still no period for me. I'll be testing tomorrow..i've been meaning to do it all week but i just haven't had the time. at the same time i dont want to get my hopes up. I have test results coming back from the doctor on the i can't wait for that day...i dont know if i'm pregnant or not. i dont want to get my hopesup...i just dont know what to think anymore.


GimmeaBub - November 10

I know the feeling i find it can be soul destroying, being day 55 you think you would know hey, i never realised that ttc could be so hard, it's not as text book as they taught you in school. Well i wish you the best with testing, try and think positive but i agree with you too, i dont get my hopes up, i suppose i am to scared to even look at dummy's and baby clothes until i know. Baby Juice


PreciousBaby19 - November 10

Thankx...well i have no idea why ii dont have my period...after sept 17th we started using condoms...we weren't suppossed to be trying while we were undergoing a certain test..but i do know a couple of our condoms may have been ineffective..i think one had a hole in it..and i don t know whyh but i think another one was just too thin.hard to explain...then i had spotting for like 2 weeks..brown spottin..and i took another test..negative..that was like 2 1/2 weeks ago..and now..still no period...when i think i'm pregnant i get cramps..and then i'm like oh great here comes my period..but so i write this i have cramps..but its like...i know that i dont have a chance..i just odnt understand why no period..i get those test results back on monday..uhg..and i think we are going to get at test tonight..just because..i can't stand the wait..every time i think i'm goign to start my period...the number of days i haven't gotten it just goes up. uhg. I feel like i'm about to cry. it really sucks..i've started to lose hope.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - November 10

I'm hoping I'm not pregnant, but I will be testing tomorrow because the condom broke...when I was ovulating too. I hope I'm not because my daughter is 2 months old : ( But I refuse to get plan b and I am terrified of birth control.


PreciousBaby19 - November 10

lol nerdy girl its alright that your terrified of birth control. i dont agree wtih it either because it really messes you up. Its really not natural to stop birth..i mean tahts not how nature was intended. condoms are the only one i would say is good because it doesn't mess with your cycle or your body in any way. i hope your not pregnant..and i hope you get the resultyou want. But if you are...then your daughter will have a slibbling close in age. i gues thats something good.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - November 10

Yeah, if I am I will be happy of course...just not ready yet, not to mention my body still hasn't recovered fully. I got this e-mail the other day about a girl taking birt control to make it so she has only 3 periods a year, and she died because of blood clots in her neck and brain...I got a prescription for birth control at my 6 week check up...its stuck in a folder lol...i can't and won't take it.


kay101 - November 10

Hey hun, I remember reading your posts on the first trimester forum and I'm so truely sorry for your loss. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for you that you get your bfp this month. It sounds as if you may already have. Try a first response, I've never seen one have an evap line, and I'm sure that's what you are concerned about with the clear blue. Do you have any idea when you ovulated this month? You're cycle might be slightly different this month so if you don't get a bfp now, you may get one a little later in the month if you ovulated later.


HeavenisMine - November 10

You probably are pregnant:) Poor nerdygirl, I could not imagine getting pregnant so soon after just having one, you will be a strong mother (and already are) if it turns out you are pregnant after all. Gimme, you keep us posted. I got pregnant after my miscarriage right after my first period. I kept getting negative tests so I thought I wasn't but she must have implanted later than I thought because I finally got my +! Now I am due in nine days and completely nervous and excited!


HeavenisMine - November 10

I meant you probably are pregnant to gimmeabub, sorry if anyone misunderstood


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - November 10

Thanks...oh and Gimmieabub, I miscarried November 06 and found out December 06 I was pregnant and now I have a beautiful 2 month old daughter. But with me I tested when I was supposed to get my period...but didn't get a positive until a week later.


GimmeaBub - November 11

Phew so theres some hope, i havnt tested yet i suppose i am terrified, i think AF is due Tuesday, so will wait and see, i am still getting pinching feelings. Nerdy girl have you tested yet? What about preciousbaby? I wanna see some BFP's girls lol, um and i wish you the best with that nerdy girl, i suppose what will happen will happen, just take it one day at a time, BTW girls it was 37degrees celceus in Perth, western australia today, so it was a stinker! Lol Baby Juice


PreciousBaby19 - November 11

Well...56 days and no period. Lol. I'm gettting sick of counting. i have my appt tomorrow.


AddysMummy - November 11

I am hoping greatly that I am pregnant because my symptoms went away after my m/c but now I have them again ( we have been BD'd for awhile now...) and my cervix was open again.. and I feel slightly nauseated. But I hope it isn't just my HCG levels not down 100% but they were at 8000 when I first started to m.c two days later it was 4,000. Idk.. :(


GimmeaBub - November 12

Well maybe you could start trying when your levels drop completely hun, I waited till mine was back at 0 before i started again, i suppose i didnt wanna get confused. Btw girls my AF is due tommorow. Wow Precious Baby have done a test yet?


Chris1975 - November 12

Gabby! Fingers are crossed for you babe!! Pinching feelings are a good sign :) Cant wait to hear the next update :) ! Goodluck!


kendra.marie - November 12

yah gabb =] omg i love you. congrats mommma



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