How Likely Am I To Be Pregnant

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fragilenonsense - May 27

Me and my boyfriend generally have unprotected s_x, yet he pulls out. So far I've been totally fine. But... Yesterday morning I vomited and then yesterday afternoon I started spotting. I put a pad on last night and woke up with pink about the size of a nickle. I just checked my tampon and it's turned really dark but VERY light... extremely light. Could this be pregnancy spotting? I've been nauseous all day but havn't vomited. I'm not due for my period for another 3 days and it's very regular so it being early is odd. My br___t are very tender and slightly enlarged. I'm tired and feel incredably bloated. The last time we had s_x (9 days ago) was the day before I was due to ovulate. I've had slight cramps but not as much as normally and not as consistent. Do you think these are the right signs? Would it show up on a test if I was? I don't know what to do. This was NOT planned. I'm only 16 and my boyfriend and I have talked and he's entirely against kids. My mom told me years ago that she would kick me out of the house if she ever found out I was pregnant. I'm completely against abortion though... not even considering it. I'm so scared.


Lillie E - May 27

of course pregnancy is possible with the situation you have stated and i'm not sure how possible it is and all of the statisics, but if your period doesn't come, take a test and you'll know for sure. if you are, i hate to say this, but he doesn't have much say it whether you keep the baby or not. you mom may have said YEARS AGO that she would kick you out... but that was probably more of a ploy for you not to have s_x. most moms come to accept it. not all, but most. i don't want to sound rude or bash on your boyfriend or anything, but a MAN wouldn't abandon his child... whether is was planned or not.


Grandpa Viv - May 27

Something different is going on, for sure. The day before ovulation is the most fertile in the month. Are you unusually tired, peeing more, lotion discharge, emotional etc? Some women manage to get a positive test this early using first morning urine. My suggestion is to buy a twin-pack and use one Monday morning and the second the following Saturday. Visit for other possible signs. Good luck!



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