How Long Do I Wait Before Doing A Test

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Angel - January 15

Hi my name is Angel and I will be 14 on March 1st. I had unprotected s_x 9 times during the holidays but I ask him to withdraw every time except the first time and that time he was inside for just a minute. I should have started my period on the 8th of January. My last period started on the 9th of December and lasted 6 days. We did it the first time on the 21st and then twice on the 23rd on the 24th, 26th twice on the 27th and 28th and 31st. How can I tell if he c_mmed inside of me and how can it tell when I ovulated. I need to know when I can do a test. I'm really scared that I'm pregnant. My by friend is really happy that I might be pregnant and fact he wants to keep doing it without protection until I get pregnant if I am not. I'm really scared that I am because I have been throwing up in the morning and at lunch time since the 6th of January.


to angel - January 15

Pregnancy sounds like a possibility.Are you always tired and want to sleep?You could try a early response test.If you are throwing up it might show up on just about any of them.You are supose to wait until you are two weeks late.If you are not get birth control.You are smart not to want to get pregnant on purpose.


From Angel - January 15

I was so tired that I went to bed at 8:00 last night and was still tired when I got up at 9:00. Mom thinks I have the flu because she heard me throw up yesterday and again today. I just want to go to sleep


Grandpa Viv - January 15

Angel, yes, Dec 9 plus 14 gives ovulation on Dec 23. S_x anywhere between 17th and 25th might have got you pregnant, and the chances are that an inexperienced boy your age would not have withdrawn in time. If he was in for just a minute after he c_mmed on the 21st, that could have done it. You are now a week late with nausea as another sign. How about tired, peeing, ga__sy, unusual discharge and other signs?. You can take a home test first pee any morning. Since you are so young, I suggest you clue your mother in this afternoon. She is going to be your best friend and helper, believe it or not. See for more.


to angel - January 15

I would think it would show up on a test.If you could buy a test or go to a clinic and get tested for free the first chance I would.I say it may show up because your HCG(pregnancy hormone) is high enough to give you symptom.Good luck!


MommyDear - January 15

That could be stress. But anyway, you shouldn't be having s_x, your right to be scared, and if your boyfriend feels that way, dump him. Men like that create homeless single mothers.


Jbear - January 15

You should be able to test now. It really sounds like pregnancy is a possibility...If you are not pregnant, you need to get some birth control. Withdrawal doesn't work.



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