How Long Does It Start To Show

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cookie - October 11

How long does it take to start showing after conception?


Sonia - October 11

The answer to your question varies between women. Generally a woman will start to show at 4 months but some girls can show as early as 2 and a half but that is an extreeme case and the girl Im thinking of had twins. On the oposite end of the scale some women/girls dont show until they are five or six months along but again that is in extrememly rare cases.


randi - October 11

im on the chunk side 199 now that im pregnant and am not showing just yet


Kelsey - October 11

I didn't start showing until I was almost 6 1/2 months along. My starting out weight was 135-137. I now have 2 weeks until my due date and I weigh 176. LoL. I turned into a porker.


boo - October 12

i'm 210 now, 6mos, i can tell i'm pregnant cause my stomach is firm underneath the fat but no one else can. they just call me fata__s


boo - October 12

that makes me cry


Adriana - October 12

i started at 107 pounds and now weigh 145 i'm huge compared to what i was. oh and i'm only 4 feet 11 inches but i started showing right away. then again i was under weight i quess it varies


to Boo - October 21

I don't think your posts are real or truthful.


RK - October 21

i started shwoing at 3 months i believe, well thats when you could start to really tell i hid it for awhile with baggy shirts but now i am 4 1/2 months and i cant hide it with shirts or anything anymore.


laura - October 21

i didn't start showing until i was 5 months, so since she was premature, she was hooked up to a lot of machines because she was so small. now, she's a healthy 6 year old(i turned 19 2 days after her birthday. neat huh?)


lucy - October 21

i started showing when i was 4 days preggers!!!! i had a bump it was cute!! but then again i'm only 12 and 105 pounds


Natalie - October 22

the baby is behind the pelvic bone up until 12 weeks of pregnancy. many people say when the baby pops out from behind there ou start to show. i duno, im 22 weeks today and havent gained a pound and dont look pregnant. id not believe there is a baby there if i hadnt had scans!


Linds - October 23

I am 32 weeks and i am showing like crazy now but i would say i was around 20 weeks when the first stranger came up to me and noticed and even then i was tiny... i was 107 when i got preg. it all depends.


girliegurl1 - October 23

Hey!! with baby #1- i started showing at around 3 1/2 almost 4 months with baby #2- i started showing at about 3 or so. with babies #3 and #4 (twins)- started showing at a little over 2 and 1/2 with baby #5- (22 weeks preggo) started showing at about 12 weeks!! My weights baby#1~ started- 105 ended- 168 baby #2~ started- 112 ended- 175 baby #3 and #4~ started- 150 ended~ 195 baby #5~ on the way started~ 145 and i'm 158 now at 22 weeks sorry so long (oh yeah for CAROL im pregnant again and keep all my stuff down in my baby books) (CAROL you should try keeping ur lies in a book so you don't get caught in soo many)


CAROL - October 24

Gurliegurl, when did I ever insult you? If you are "CeciliasMommie" I defended you last week. I am sorry that other people impersonated me and made fun of you. You can go back and look if you don't believe me.


Camille - October 24

Well, I believe that pregnancy is noticeable depending on that person's body like me, for instance I'm not sure if I am pregnant but since my two missed periods my belly seems unusually round.If I am pregnant I'd be nine weeks but whether you show early,or late depends on your body.



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