How Many Girls On This Board Are Actually Pregnant

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lauren - December 2

Im not a teen, i just turned 22 and am 39 weeks pregnant. I am single and living at home with my mom, just got out of a very long relationship ( 6 years) I just wanted to know how may pregnant girls actually write on this board??? Good luck to all those that are, let me tell you you're in for quite a journey!!!!


CAROL - December 2

Happily pregnant, single, 12 weeks, almost 13. Hooray for second trimester! I'm getting excited because I'm starting to show (ever so slightly) and it's not that d__ned bloating anymore.


lauren - December 2

Congratulations! It feels like just yesterday i found out i was expecting, now im due any day!!! i can't believe how fast time goes by. Enjoy your time now while your still small, big tummies are a pain, litterally! and enjoy your sleep as well, get as much as you can because the bigger you get, the harder it is to gat comfy!! I feel like i havn't slept in months, but i guess its good practise for when the baby comes : ) good luck with the rest of your pregnancy, Its definatley a learning experiance!!!!!!!


Jami - December 2

I'm 20 weeks pregnant and i just found out yesterday that we are 100% sure having a baby boy. I know what you mean about the whole not getting any sleep the bigger you get. Everytime i have to roll over in bed i d__n near have to sit all the way up just to switch sides, then my boyfriend makes fun of me because i make a little groaning sound like im getting old lol anyways, good luck with your babies ladies


kate - December 2

im also 22 and 23 weeks pregnant with a girl. this will be number 2 for me. if u want to talk u can email me at [email protected]


Emily - December 2

Im 22 weeks pregnant and just found out im having a boy. Im starting to feel like a whale, its kinda cool to see my tummy grow and feel the baby inside.


Kaitlin - December 2

I am pregnant, 18, married and very excited about having this baby.I hired a duola today.She is going to work with me regardless of were we decide to birth our child, We are currently trying ot decide if we ae\re going with a homebirth, birthing center or hospital.There are so many thing to learn about labor and delivery.


lauren - December 2

Glad to hear thet all you girls are happy and healthy. I don't know what im having yet, but i'll find out soon enough.....only 9 more days!!! yay, i can't wait for this to be over and to hold my little one in my arms :)


Same boat as you - December 3

lauren how long have you been single? How on earth are you coping with a break up? Is it recent? I am recently separated too and interested to know how you are going.


Natalie - December 3

I'm 28 weeks pregnant. was very frightened to start with but now me and my fiance are starting to enjoy this pregnancy. except of corse the whole painful tummy etc. i do have to say, when your bigger and you get the stretching pain and its such a weight you do wish you were smaller. ohh i long for the day i can sleep on my stomach again! im having a little girl, whom i shall name Lilah Marie. i have to deliver in hospital because of a disease i have but i dont mind, would have prefered a birthing centre though. hopefully a natural birth with just gas and air!


To; same boat as you - December 3

I've been single now for about 7 months, and it hasn't been easy, espscially after being with someone for 6 years. In the beginning i felt like my whole word had fallen apart,and i felt totally alone. it was really hard. But i have great family and even greater friends who have relly been there for me. I have just tried to keep myself really busy, which hasn't been that hard because trying to get everthing ready for the baby is hard work! I also did alot of crying as well which is totally ok. I also signed up fo parenting cla__ses where i met other pregnant single girls, its nice to talk to people who are going through the same thing. I still think about my ex and how things could have been, but i know im better off with out him. I moved back in with my mom and my older brother and they have been great. So i guess the best advise i can give you is try and stay busy, look in you town for parenting and support groups for single moms, and look towards the future. going through a break up sucks, there is no magic cure for the pain you feel ( i wish there was!! ) But in the end it will make you a stronger person, and one day you will fall in love with some one who will treat you like gold, and you deserve no less. Just be strong, and when you feel like crying do it, and talk to yor friends i bet they will be a big help. and once the baby comes you won't have time to think about him, all you will be worried about is the baby!!! i hope that helped you, if you want to talk more you can e-mail me at [email protected] Good luck and stay strong sweetie!!!! :)


Kaelyn - December 3

Hey, you don't have much longer to go!! I'm 19 and have a 1 yr. old son and am 10 weeks pregnant. Hopefully I'll have another boy so my son will have a playmate. Good luck with everything, update us when your precious baby is born!!


lauren - December 3

I know i can't belive im going to have a baby in 7 days!!!! (unless its stubborn then ill have to be induced...) I don't konw if im having a by or girl, but i;; definatley keep you posted!!! I cant wait anymore im so excited to meet this litte person : )


Ameigh - December 3

hey, i just turned 35 weeks yesturday! :), im single and 15 and i sooo cant wait! im getting really excited. im having a baby boy, who im going to name Steven Matthew Milsap. everything has been so great during this pregnancy only a very small number of tired and sick days. sleeping like many of you said is starting to get hard and i have to fully sit up just to switch sides too lol! good luck to everyone!.. hope you all have a great Christmas.


Stephanie - December 3

Hello Everyone!!! I am 19 years old and 14 weeks pregnant. I am glad to see most of the people on here are going to keep their babies! I found out i was PG when I was only 5 weeks so I already feel like I have been PG forever. I had one ultrasound at 8 weeks and everything turned out fine! I just had a Dr. Appt. yesterday and we heard the little heartbeat! It was between 157-163! I go for another ultrasound on the 30th so I guess you all can imagine how excited I am...I can finally find out what i am having. I think I am starting to get a little belly...I can't really b___ton my pants anymore, and it seems that sweatpants are the most comfortable things in the world!!!! Well Congrats to everyone and GOOD LUCK!!!!


lauren - December 3

Congratulations stephanie, wow you're 14 weeks and already feel like you've been pregnant forever, just wait....... It feels like time goes by soooooo slow when you're pregnant and waiting, then when the time comes you'll look back and say where did the time go???? I think the last couple of weeks are the worst, i have 1 more week to go and it feels like time has stopped!!!! Im getting very impatient and i want my baby to be here NOW!! Just try and enjoy you're time now well you're still small, soon all the uncofmfortable things will start to happen, like no sleep, itchy streching belly,and being tired all the time. But its all worth it in the end. So Good luck and enjoy it!!!! :)


lauren - December 3

Stephanie, it sound like you're going to have a little girl, the heart rate was over 140, so according to the old wives tales you'll be dressing you're baby in pink........ let me know when you find out. I choose to wait to find out what im having, but i'll find out soon enough, I'll keep you posted!!! :)



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