How Many Pregnant Teens

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Brittany D. - December 10

HEy!I'm always on this site and I never really notice too many pregnant teens on here!it seems like its only people who "think" or want to know if there pregnant (which no one on this site can tell you if you are or arent)!But anyways to my point..I was just wondering if there were any pregnant teens on here and if so whats your Name/Age/How many weeks and/or months/Boy or Girl (if you know) and maybe where you live or like a big city close to it!THanksS!!oH and by the way my name is Brittany I am 16 years old, im in my 25th week of pregnancy, I'm having a little Girl and I live In New Orleans!Hope i Get some Responses And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT COME ON HERE STARTING STUFF ABOUT CAROL OR ANY OTHER IMMATURE THING!!BYEEE


Meagan - December 10

Hey, i'm 15 bout to be 16 dec 27 and i'm 38 week s pregnant and due on December 21 with a boy. I live in Rock Hill, SC but its close to Charlotte, NC.


Marlene - December 10

Hi I'm 19 and in my 25th week. I'm having a boy and I live in easton P.A. I'll be 20 in june


lauren - December 10

im not a teen i just turned 22, so im a young mommy! Im due today!!!!! but no signs of labor yet :( Good luck to all the other moms to be!! :)


Stephanie - December 10

I'm 19 and due June 3rd...I have such a way togo! We find out what the s_x is on the 30th and I am so excited!


taty - December 10

Hi I'm 18 and due June 19th.. I can't wait to find out the s_x of the baby. I'm exicted but I don't know about the father of the baby which makes it really hard because i feel like I have no one to talk 2


Brittany - December 10

Hey, I'm 19 and am 12 weeks pregnant (due June 20th). I have a 14 month old son already and live in PA with my fiance'. Good luck to all you young mommies!!


Han - December 10

Hey, im not pregnant, so this isnt realy all that relevant to this post, but jsut gotta say, good luck to all you mummies with new babies!! xx


sara - December 10

Heyy I'm going to be 21 in a few days. I gave birth in March of this year to a daughter and I studied biology at the University of Pittsburgh which is where I live. I like to come on here to try to help the girls who need it and just remind myself that I've made it through being a young mother. Good Luck to all of you and God bless. And to all in PA if you are close to Pittsburgh we should chat.


krista-lee - December 10

im 16 :) i live in Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Canada and im due May 26th.


Allyson - December 11

hey i am 17 i live in Lorain ohio i am 10 weeks 3 days i am due july 6th!! i also can't wait to find out what the s_x is!!!! if ne 1 would like to chat you can email me at [email protected] :-)


Danielle - December 12

Danielle 16 yrs. old and 22 weeks pregnant i am due April 18 2006 i go thursday December 15 2005 to get the ultrasound to find out if its a boy or a girl. i live by oklahoma city, o.k. i cant wait for this little one to be here! my fiancee and i actually planned this baby so i'm really excited. we were together for 1yr. before we started trying and then 5 months later the test was postiive.


baby_dust - December 12

Hi there , i'm not pregnant but TTC #1 jsut thought i'd say congrats to you all and that you are all truely blessed in individual ways ;) how did you concieve? - looking fo rtips if any of you were planned liek the post above me :)


Ashleigh - December 13

Hey! I just turned 19 on the 11 and im about 8 weeks pregnant due around july dont know the s_x yet and i live west union ohio


Haley - December 13

Im 18 and I recently found out i was pregnant about a month ago. Im a bit scared but hoping for a boy. :)



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