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... - October 4

How much blood is there when you are fairly in your early pregnancy and your miscary? Would it be spotting or more of a HEAVY flow?


to ... - October 4

it would be a heavy flow just like your period with bad cramps. Why?? did you have a miscarriage??


OWNER TO POST - October 4

Alright, i am glad that someone responded. Because this is my story. I was having s_x for the past month n a half( for the months of August, and sep) In the month of Aug, i got my period when due( after having s_x) everything was normal, but then in sep, i got it a week earlier but it was more of bright red and pink spotting. Soemtimes a little tiny flow would pick up but nothing really and i herd by someone, when telling my story that i could of had a misscarage but a misscarage i know of, would of been very extremly heavy and what occured for me was very light bright bleeding.


Cyndi - October 4

I had a very early m/c a week ago it was bad cramps for 3 hours and heavy bleeding I pa__sed all the tissue and everything, but after those 3 hours it seemed like a normal period


angel - October 5

i had a misscarriage last oct. usually it will start with light bleeding a but it will get really heavy fast. its kindof like a really really bad period and you feel pain and you get really depressed (hormones go crazy). if u have are pregnant and bleeding at all you should go to your dr they can figure out whats going on i know a little bleeding is very normal. i hope everythin is ok :)


owner to post - October 5

Thank you so much for your postings. Well, as you all explained, that is NOTHING that occured for me. People were starting to scare me a little bit telling me that i might of had a miscary. I actually, when had this slight bleeding, had no crampings at all. I actually kept forgeting that there was slight bleeding. Yes, i did feel sweaty at times( sory for that detail) but over all, there was really nothing there. I know that the bleeding though, was verry BRIGHT! That is what really scared me. I actually, have a pink outfit, and i was worried that i compared the pink bleeding to the outfit and it matched. So maybe you can get a good idea of how bright the bleeding was. I am a little bit freaked out because i was suppose to get my period on the 28th and i started to have this spotting around the 23rd but was slight and nothing theres. Since then, no other sign of bleedings have occured for me. A little bit freaked out because not knowing if i am preg! =/



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