How Possible Is It To Be Pregnant And Have Your Period

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amanda - September 13

" " ... if anyone has been pregnant and didnt know cause they were still getting there period what happend ??


dymond - September 11

it isnt very common but it can happen. i was 4.5 months along before i found out i was even preg becuz i had my period for the first 4 months.


amanda - September 12

i got my period when i was supposed to and everything but i still have a feeling that im pregnant .. i keep trying to get to the store but i never have any money or rides .. im scared.. when doesnt you stomache start to grow where u can notice it??


brittany - September 12

I had my period for the first 2 months of my pregnancy as was just a little different but not much. My stomach didnt start growing until the 5th month Amanda, but everyone is need to get to a Dr or something if you really think you're pregnant!


Viv - September 12

Actually, bleeding at period time is not all that uncommon for the first three months of pregnancy. Amanda, if you are having early symptoms of pregnancy like sore b___bs, bladder or bowel changes, tired, or can't stand certain smells then you are pretty sure pregnant, even though hpt test shows negative for a while. A baby needs early prenatal care and vitamins. Pregnant young moms can't think of waiting around until they show. Call the Health Department or Planned Parenthood or even Child Protection and explain your problem, or tell your favorite teacher you need to talk. E-mail me if you wish at [email protected]


amanda - September 12

thanx im gonna try n get my boyfriend to take me to the store cuz he should be getting his car registerd soon .. how much do the test cost up to??if im not im gonna go get birth control because im supposed to go to the doctors for a checkup but i dont want to untilli kno if im pregnant or not ..


Viv - September 13

If I remember right you can get a twin-pack of First Response for about $15. Be sure to follow the instructions exactly - you can read them at - use first pee in the morning. And tell me, what are you going to do if you find you are pregnant? Please don't cancel the doctor's appointment. You will need it more than ever.


amanda - September 13

i dont have a doctors appointment schedualed im just supposed to get a physical before for school by my doctor .. its nothing for anything about pregnancy .. i probly wont get the test till like next week or so cuz i dont have any money



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