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Annalissa - December 28

How many days after you have s_x can you take a test????


Brandy - December 29

Depends on what test you get, it should say on the back of the box.


Annalissa - December 29

That is the whole thing i am so scard to take a test.


simple answer - December 29

You shouldnt have had unprotected s_x then if your scared of taking the test silly girl,i suggest you grow up and i keep my fingers crossed that your not pregnant


$weetne$$ - December 29

i know it may sound harsh but i have to agree wid 'simple answer' the only 100% way of not getting pregnant is not to have s_x at all, if u cant face doing something as simple as taking a pregnancy test, den u shouldnt be having s_x, cos u gonna have to do alot more harder tings dan taking a pregnancy test if u are pregnant, like telling da father and ur parents (asuming u are young)


jenn - December 29

you have to wait until about a week after you miss your per.... even the most sensative tests wont detect the hormone when they say they do... i took a test the day i missed at the dr office came out neg and then i took another 4 days later and it was positive went back to the dr and came out positive there too... good luck i hope that you get the result you want


Annalissa - December 29

this is to simple answer... Just to let you know this was the first time i had unprotected s_x. well it is the first time i had s_x is 3 years cause of some that happen to me. An you can keep your fingers crossed all you want cause eather way the test comes out i'll be happy..... but thanks any way


Annalissa - December 29

This is to $weetne$$ first thanks for you feed back...... Just to let you know my baby dad knows. An he wants me to take a test an i told him i will do it in Jan. So he is fine with it. An about tell my parents they know but they have no say so about it cause they both give me up when i was 10 and now i am 18 i have a job. and going to start collage soon. and i live on my own. so if i am pregnant then i will have a baby. An i already know how it is to have a baby. cause when i was 16 my older brother had a baby and he brough the baby over the day he got out of the hosp. an asked he i can watch him an i said okay and the baby mom or dad did not show back up for the baby tell the baby was 2 years old. so at 16 i got a job to pay for a baby sitter and work an went to school at 16 an i did it all on my own. so i am ready for my own baby


Annalissa - December 29

this is for jenn. thanks for taking the time out and giving me feed back. that is why i want to wait and take the test. that way i know for sure. i am fine it i'm pregnant or not.


wind up - December 29

Surely your having us on?you say your brother dropped his newborn baby off the day it came out of hospital and left you looking after it for 2years?God help the child if thats the case,you sound so young and childish.why any of you teenage girls wnat babies is beyond me.i had a baby when i was a teenager and i had them take it away because i didnt want to be stuck at home looking after it,i wanted to live a proper life.i dont know the s_x of that baby i had a c section and was asleep,,when i woke up it was all over an i treated it like i had my appendix out,now i am 19 with a well paid job and free-young,free and single without screaming babies holding me back.i wish i could shake you all into realising that having a kid so young ruins your life,but you wont accept that because you dont know any different.its sad


to wind up - December 30

Good Grief, have a little empathy! Personally I would be a lot happier if most of these girls were more careful, but let's face it, accidents do happen. Putting your child up for adoption was obviously the best decision you could have made for yourself, but I don't think it's fair for you to be so judgemental. Ruining one's life is subjective. I ended a fairly decent career as a model to have my boys (they're 4 now) but I don't think it ruined things for me. True, I wasn't a teen, but I did have the screaming babies, and babies are supremely irritating no matter your age and how much you love them (believe me!). And my body was so stretched out that my swimsuit days are long gone, even though I lost the weight. ANYWAY...most of these girls who are already pregnant know that they were less than bright to get pregnant, but are trying to make the best of it their way. I admire you for being able to see what was best for you and your child and being able to follow through, but most young mothers don't have that strength of character. I hope things continue to work out for you, I just ask that you be a little less harsh.


Annalissa - December 30

this is to wind up... i loved every day i had with that lil boy. i did every thing i could for him. he did not have all name brand things but he had some. i give him a much better life. his dad and mom did what was best for them. now that the baby is 2 and a half he is with his dad. his dad does not to drugs any more and has a really good job. and his dad knows i will take that lil boy when ever. i'm not a teen any more. i have alot of good things going for me. sorry for you that you give your baby up but that is something i never can do. cause i was one of those kids who were give up. cause the mom and dad were being stupied. so i will not put my baby though it. every thing happen for a reason. i dont mind geting up all hours of the night for the baby. it's life. it's called motherhood. it's a great thing in life. i would not change it for any thing.


Annalissa - December 30

to all you people who are reading this.... i am 18 i will be 19 in march. i know what i am doing with a baby. it will not be the first baby i raise. i love kids. true it is hard at times. but it is what you call mother hood. an i love that job. it is the best job that you can have in life. i will never give up some thing that i had.


Annalissa - January 2



Rachel - January 3

I'd wait till you missed your period, then take a test



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