How To Tell Mom She Going To Be A Grandmother In About 5 Mon

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Connie - December 18

Hi my name is Connie and I need some help telling my mom that in about 5 months she going to be a grandmother. I can't wait much longer as my tummy is growing every day. I'm 15 and the babies dad is 2 weeks younger than me. It was not planned but I can't give him/her up. We were foolin around and next thing I know I'm tell robbie to shot me full of his seeds. We had unprotected s_x just twice before we started using condoms but that as twice to many times because I ended up pregnant.


Grandpa Viv - December 18

My sympathy, Connie. Since this is the season for giving cards, maybe that is a technique you could use. Christmas night when all the excitement is over you could say "Hmm, here's a card you never opened. Why don't you see who it is from" and it will be "from your grandbaby, April 15th, 2006". Or you could leave the card out in an obvious place before you go to visit friends. Good luck!


meg - December 19

My husband and I did that for mother's day.We bought a card ment to congratulate a gramdmother after the chid was born.Being it was her third grand child(my first)we wrote again after congratulation.


shelley - December 19

What ever you do, don't wait any longer, you need to start getting prenatal care, making plans for school for yourself and give her time to adjust. I was 15 my first time too, my parents flipped out, but they came around. My friend didn't tell her parents and what a shock when her son was born in the middle of the night in the toilet, (she thought she had to have a bowel movement) He's now 15 and healthy, and her parents were very supportive


Tia - December 19

i waited for a long time to tell my mom, and i just sat her down with my boyfriend and gave her my tests in an envelope and said i have something to tell you, im pregnant and she cried and was a bit angry but what mother isnt going to be when your young and pregnant but she knew there was nothing she could do about it and i don't believe in abortion, trust me tell her because it will be less stress on you and your baby, stress can cause so many problems.


Kristina - December 20

I wasn't living at home when I got pregnant, I was 18, living with my boyfriend who my parents adore...but I was still scared to tell them...I held off for a long time (which was easy cause I am a 14 hour drive away) but when I finally did I just blurted it out. "I'm pregnant!" and my mom LAUGHED! LOL My dad on the other hand..that was a differant story haha. Well Tasia is 7 weeks old now and they couldn't be happier!! My dad cried the first time he saw her..he was so happy to be a grandpa! =)



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