How To Tell My Mom Am Pregnant

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Maria - December 14

Okay it all happened the night of homecoming when the homecoming dance was over i went to my boyfriends house and we had s_x..(it was unprotected s_x)..he came inside of me..and now am pregnant am 15 years old soon to be only 1 month pregnant...and i have not told my mom and dad yet...i am so scared to tell afraid about what their reactions are going to be...can someone please help me and tell me what is the best way to tell you think my boyfriend should be right their with me when i tell them?thanx


Anon - December 14

It's going ot be hard for you hun. But you have to just blurt it out. It's the easiest way....and uh no...I dont think your boyfriend should be there when you tell them. That could be bad for him depending on how they take it. Just wait until they dont have to go anywhere, and they are in a fairly good mood, and say " I have something to say here it goes" it iwll be hard, but eventually they will find out. better sooner than later


Erika - December 14

yeah, when I found out I was pregnant I was so scared of what my mom would say. So I wrote her a letter and put it in a chair that I know she would sit in and had my boyfriend to come over ther an hour later and then I came home two hours later. He should be there because you did'nt get pregnant by yourself.


Grandpa Viv - December 14

Sorry to hear of your predicament, Maria. The indirect approach works for me - there are so many variations on the theme. There's the card and flowers approach, lipstick on the bathroom mirror, computer screen left on this web site, home pregnancy test wrapper, use your imagination. The thing is not to have to be there for the initial shock. The one point I am strong on is to tell soon. Your parents are going to have to bear most of the financial burden and much of the childcare burden from this pregnancy. It is only right and fair that you bring them in on the decision making process early.


KEISHA - December 15



E - December 16

If you plan to keep the baby, now is the time to be honest & DIRECT about your pregnancy.Parenting requires a tremendous amount of maturity and this would be a good time to start. Tell them in person and without friends and/or the boyfriend present. They will not want him in the room, trust me. You may want to tell the parent who is the easiest to talk to first and they can help you to tell your other parent. It will take some time for them to cool off and I think you should respect them and their feelings w/ the way that you choose to break the news. Best wishes:)


Irene - December 16

I remember being in your situation quite a few months ago. Looking on countless web sites for advice on how to tell my parents. I'm due in 13 days, and to be honest out of all the extremly important decisions you are going to have to make in the next few months this will probly one of the easiest things you do. scary huh? Just remember to give your parents time to adjust. This could take hours, days and possibly even months, however remember that now you have to be an adult. You have MAJOR responsibilities ahead of you, if you act like an "adult" calm, collective and respectful eventually you'll get it in return. If you act like a over emotional teenage girl who screams and slams doors and says ridiculous things you are just going to be portraying an image to your parents that you are not ready for this. Be strong, this will pa__s and whats ahead will be filled with MANY MANY joys, LOTS of hard work, but it is possible for you to be an incredible mom and you WILL and can prove this to them. Just remember now your decisions will now affect this innocent little life, be responsible and give this baby a great life.


violet - January 8

im sorry to hear that you ruined your life so soon. but you better tell them sometime within the next 8 months. or they will really be p__sed off.


Kayla - January 8

Maria, I dont know how you should tell your parents..Simply because everyone's parents are different. I found out that I was pregnant about 3 weeks ago and I didnt tell my parents until 2 days ago! This is how I did it: I already knew that I was pregnant so I went to the store and bought another pregnancy test ( says "pregnant" or "not pregnant" instead of the lines) I took it and of course it said "positive". I put the test holder (the results will stay in the holder for up to an hour) in a little necklace box that I had from christmas. I didnt wrap it, only sat two bows (one pink and one blue) on top of the box. I also put a letter in there with the test holder. It basically said that it was an accident and that I was really sorry for dissapointing her so badly. It said that I loved her and I hoped that she could forgive me for my poor decisions and be there for me through out all of it. I called my boyfriend to come and get me and when I saw him pull up, I handed her the box and I left. She called me about 30 minutes later in tears and asked me to come home, she wanted to talk. She said that she was dissapointed but that she was glad to hear that I was going to be responsible. She said that she couldnt believe that he baby was going to have a baby and we both cried together. She told my daddy for me while I was out last night. He didnt take it so well and still hasnt talked to me.. But it has ONLY been 1 day. He'll come around.. I know because my mother told me that she talked to him about it and that he is just really upset. She said that they have both agreed to help me out and that they will be here for me, even if it does hurt them. So I'm telling you, find a nice, mature way to tell them and dont act like a immature teenager and they will most likely come around. Good luck to you and your baby!


Lauren - January 8

omg kayla that is the smartest way ive ever heard to tell your parents... thanks soo much thats how im gonna do it... and imm sooo sorry maria i wish i could help but im in the same boat..


kat - January 10

hi hun i only told my parents a week ago im pregnant it was so scary but it had to be done i made such a fuss thinking they would go mental but they were fine i was so scared but all they said was we love you and they are going to be there for me all the way if your parents love you they are going to want the best for you your vunerable at the moment so be calm. and i think you should tell them by your self withyour boyfrind there its more nurve racking trust me just tell your parents exactly what happened im sure they love you enough to stick by you. GOOD LUCK!



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