How To Tell Parents

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jacquline - July 7

i am 14 and i think i might be pregant because this one time me and my bf were just fooling around and then it led to other things with out pretection and now i am late 4 my do i tell my mother? this is something she is totally against and i have never done anything this bad in my life! she will flip and i am so scared about telling her but i don't want to wait to long because i need to have an abortion if i am. there is no way i could live a life with a baby...i am too young and way to active in school, my grades, sports and it would ruin me. i swear my mother will kill me!! (well not really) she will be so mad and can't go threw much more cuz my father just died so this won't help...can someone plz help me and give me any advice...plz how could i tell her this?


Good luck - July 6

First find out that you ARE pregnant.Don't have an abortion for something you did. You knew that by not having protection could get you pregnant, right? Then why kill this baby? It did not choose to come here by it's self. Everybody always wants an easy way out. The baby's heart starts beating at 6 weeks into your pregnancy,do you want to live with yourself knowing that you killed your baby? Think it through. My mom got pregnant at 16, sure that is 2 years older than you, but she never thought about abortion.


jacquline - July 6

please i do not want a guily trip i am looking for help with this decision that i asked about... i understand were some people are coming from but plz just help me with the question i asked....


Katie - July 7

If there is no other way but to tell her, just be honest. The sooner the better so you can get an abortion. Do not feel guilty, you are young and you have your whole life ahead of you. Your mom will understand in the end and appreciate that you told her instead of having a baby at your age. The baby is not a baby yet, so do not let anybody let you feel guilty about your decision. Good Luck!



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