How To Tell Them

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Lorraine - January 2

I found out I was pregnant 3 days ago, and now my main concern is telling my mom and dad.. How do yall think I should start?? P.s Im only 16


courtney - January 2

hi lorraine. i pretty much told my parents right away when i found out. in fact, it was mothers day! i just let them know that i had something i wanted to sit down and talk to them about, and to let me know when they had some xtra time. when it came down to it, me and the father came up with a plan. me and him figured out what we wanted to do, such as, insurance, work, school, that we wanted to keep her, etc. given i dont talk to him anymore. they were upset at first, BUT this isnt the first time i have been pregnant, so it wasnt a COMPLETE shock to them. i think just having some kind of plan to tell them made things a little better. things were a little awkward for a while after, but it wore off. now i am 2 days over due and they are soooo excited!! so i would say talk with the father, make a plan, then tell them you need to talk to them. i know its scary, but u will feel SOOO much better after u tell them. i PROMISE!!! if you need to talk after you tell them, or have any concerns, post back here, or u can e mail/im me. [email protected] i hope everything goes alright, and CONGRATULATIONS!!!


Natalie - January 2

i didnt get the great joys of telling my mother. she already knew. i dont know how she did, but she did. infact she was the one who told me i needed to take a pregnancy test. i was 13 days late before i decided to take one out of nerves. and amazingly enough it still shocked me that the test was positive! parents can act in different ways, but most of it is shock, and if they react badly to the news, its more than likely the shock. it takes a while for the idea to sink into their heads, but after that has happened its so much easier! im now 32 weeks and 2 days along! and there more excited then me!


Grandpa Viv - January 2

Lorraine, the sooner you tell them the better they will take it and the less you will have to obssess about it. They deserve to be in on the decision-making as they are going to be looking after all the expense and a fair bit of the child care. Play the grandbaby card. The next generation is what life is all about, and at some level we are all thrilled to see life going on. Try "Mom, are you looking forward to having grandchildren?" Good luck!


Heather - January 2

Thats a hard one. Im 19 and three months pregnant, I still havent told my mom. I dont know how. She will flip. I was thinking about writing her a letter or having my brother tell her.



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