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Mariah - May 8

well n e ways i am 17 yrs and i jus found im pregnant. i'm 4 weeks and my baby is due next january. I do not know what i should do or when i should tell my moma. Should i wait until i start to show? What kinds of pains will i feel for the next couple of weeks? Should I keep my baby?


Confussed - May 8

you should tell your mum asap and not keep it from her and for the rest of your questions your mum will help you out understand the answers to those


shesdymed - May 8

u should tell ur mom. u need caring and nutrients and if somethin goes wrong u can go to her she'll b there for u .. she'll b disappointed.. but she'll understand a little later. u just have to give her time but once u tell her ur guna feel such a relief, trust me :)


Ana+bump - May 8

look u need decide wat u wnt? i am 18weeks pregnant and i am 17 (18 in june). u need to decide wat u wnt. and den u can tell ur mom and family. but dnt leave it too long as it becomse impossible. she is ur mom and will help u in wat ever u decide to do.


young_mum_2_b - May 9

i'd tell your mum, for the next couple of weeks...u wouldn't really feel anything except morning sickness, its your decision if u keep your baby...but tell your mum coz whatever you decide she will help you through it


young_mum_2_b - May 9

oh and by the way mariah i'm 17 and 32 weeks (nearly 33) pregnant so if u wanna talk my email is


ChannY - May 9

you should tell your mumma. dont be like me how my mumma found out..its creepy. she knows it..creeeepy


Grandpa Viv - May 9

Your momma is going to be part of the financial and child-care support team for this baby. It's only fair that you include her in the decision-making process. See and good luck!


EricaLynn - May 9

The sooner you tell your mom the better, it will be easier to go to the doctor, wich is really important. It will also give you support, for me it wasnt as bad as I thought it would be. Tell her soon, it will make it so much easier if she knows. I am 18 and about 7-8 weeks pregnant. I already had my first doctor visit and ultra sound. My parents know and its easier when Im not hiding anything. I am always tired and hungrey, and instead of morning sickness I get nausious in the afternoon more. My boyfriend and I are keeping our baby. I hope things work out for you, good luck!


babyxmommah - May 9

you definetly need to tell your mom asap.. because sooner or later she WILL find out and the longer you keep it from her the more upset shell be about it.. and plus, the sooner you tell her, the more of your pregnancy you can share with her! you SHOULD keep your baby if you feel youre ready to. i mean you gotta consider things though first.. do you have enough money to support your pregnancy and a baby [i used up about $8,000 for just the pregnancy and birth, but there are financial aid places out there though to cut down the cost ALOT] and now im paying close to $50 a week to feed and diaper my daughter. and plus, do you have people who would be willing to help you out ALOT? because trust me, you WILL need help. its sucha hard job that takes soo much energy out of you and it is really stressful. but anyways.. you'll probably get morning sickness [not everyone gets it - but i did for the first 5 months of my preg], your b___bs may ache a little and they will grow about a 1/2 a cup size too, you'll probably be tired alot and you may eat less than you did before if you DO get morning sickness. but also, you should get to the doctors asap to start up on prenatal vitamins and stuff! <3, manda



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