I M Not Sure

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Scared - May 30

Look, I'm only 17 years old. Me and my boyfriend are s_xually active, and I'm scared that I might be pregnant. We had s_x a few days ago, and we started out without using a condom, then he put one on. Then today, he ejaculated on me, and my lower parts. I'm so scared. I don't know what to do, how can I tell without getting a test?


just advise - February 17

there's no harm of you getting the test.you are 17, so you can easily cover it from your parents. do the test.


Jenn - May 19

Wait awhile and look out for the signs and symtoms. Good luck!


felicia - May 28

ok heres the thing..you can still get pregnant, even when he isnt iside you, if he ejaculates near or on your v____al area. its not as likely as if he were to be inside you, but it can happen definatly.another thing, him pulling out isnt a safe bet either cuz there is such a thing as prec_m, that has a lower count of sperm as his ejaculate, but enough to still get a female pregnant. so. the test are cheap, and accurate, and you can buy a box with two in it ands take them a few dys apart to make sure the results are both the same both times. you can also go to planned parenthood(call them at 1800230plan) and they will give you a free and confidential preg test. good luck


Shelly - May 30

It is always likely you'll get pregnant if you have intercourse. Using some form of birth control is only a way to lessen the chances. It is easy to get pregnant. It has happened just by having s____n close to the v____al opening. Semen can also be accidentally put into the v____al opening on a finger. It is not absolutely necessary to have intercourse. It is even possible to have your period and be pregnant. Sperm are very motivated to find and fertilize an egg.Talk to an adult that is close to you. Ask them your questions, and they will help you figure it out. Be sure to give all the facts, or the answers won't be right for your situation. If there is any chance that you are pregnant, take a pregnancy test. If you are pregnant see a doctor to start prenatal care.



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