I Am 14 And I Think That I Am Going To Have A Baby

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Amber - August 12

Iam 14 and i think that i am going to have a baby. i am 3 weeks late. If my parents found out they would kill me. What should i do i want to keep the baby. Please give me some advice. How would i go about telling them? How would i go about telling them that i think that i am pregnant? Please help me! You can email me at intheclouds128@aol.com When u email me u can put about pregnancy in the subject box. Thank u so much


Dawn - July 15

hi amber. i know ur probably really scared and all and im not tryin to judge u but ur only 14, if u really wanna have s_x with a guy use protection, but im sure u've heard that before. its tough telling ur parents that ur pregnant and theirs no easy way about doing that but first i would make sure ur pregnant then if u find out u r sit them down and tell them how sry u r and that u made a mistake but theirs no sense of getting mad and yelling becuz its not going to change anything, i did what i did and theirs no way about fixing it and im really sry and u can either still be my parents and forgive me and be their for ur grandchildren or u can stay mad at me and not help me through this. thats it sry hope this helps!


steph - July 16

i got pregnant at 14 too.i was so scared to tell my parents i was pregnant that i didn't tell them til i was 6 months pregnant.i probably shouldn't be saying anything because my mom and her idiot boyfriend went bazercko on me.i could only go to school and come right back.i had to ask to sit on the front or back porches.i had to ask to make and recieve phone calls from my own sisters.i couldn't talk to my friends what so ever.so after about 8 months of that i made the choice to run away.i was gone from them for 2 years.until i turned 18 i made contact.as a mature adult and mother i still think they got what they deserved.but i think you should first get a pregnany test and find out for sure if you're prego or not.if it's positive then let them know right away and let them know how you're sorry and that this doesn't mean your life is over.but really think about it because you are saying good-bye to your teenage years.parties and proms.


SaRaH - July 16

Steph: Did u keep ur baby? I am curious because that is such a young age and I wanted to know how did u make it through the hard times? :)


steph - July 16

yes i kept my baby.i just fell in love with her while she was in my belly.i had ran away with friends and they helped me with my baby. but friends can only help you so much.i had met a guy and we got an apartment together.he is now my fiance and we are pregnant.i'm now 19 and my daughter is 4.we are doing better than ever.:)


SaRaH - July 19

That is so GREAT!!! I hope that GOD blesses u with the patience and love to provide to ur kids!! congrats Steph!!


steph - July 20



Amanda - August 7

Hi, I'm Amanda. I agree with what they said.. you should keep it no matter what. If you put it up for adoption you live the rest of your life knowing that somewhere out there.. you have a child that mite not even know about you.. and if it does will probably hate you because you dident want them... and if you get an abortion... well thats just wrong... I am also 14 I will be 15 in March.. and I also think im pregnant! My boyfriend will be 17 next month.. and hes scared as well as I am but he told me that if I am he will get a job and he will be there to help me.. and he wants me to omve in with him and as soon as i'm old enough get married! I'm so scared to find out if I am or not.. because of what it will do to my life in the bad ways... but then I think about the good things that will come! So like they said I think you should take a test and then tell your parents... I havent told my parents yet cuz i'm nto so sure that I am, I havent missed a period yet but I have all the synthoms... so I am gunna find a way to get a test and then me and my boy friend will tell our parents! I hope the best for you! And if you do deicde to keep it I hope the best for your baby! If you would like to... we can keep in touch.. and i'll let you know what I find out.. and how it all goes with my parents... anyone that would like to talk about this.... e-mail me.. I could use a friend to talk to! XxILuvJoshxX@hotmail.com.. Well Byez!


Shorty - August 8

Dude, I would firstly get a test and find out if you are pregnant first before telling your folks. Good Luck


Cat - August 12

i gave birth a mounth ago (15) i don't regret it bt it woz v. hard by havin sky i fink i hav ruind al my chances of havin a carea. i live wiv my nan coz my parents chucked me out. it is v diffucult financially as well



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