I Am 15 And I REALLY Want A Baby

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Carly - September 2

h__lo, I had a misscarraige about 1 mo. ago from my boyfriend. I was scared, but I really wanted that baby because it was apart of me! Now that I have lost that baby, I really want a baby. It had grew on me after I found out. My parents were disappointed, well mad but I new if I had that baby it would be the only thing that would really love me. I know it was going to be a long haul and everything but I think I could have made it through. Now I want another baby. I really want someone to love me. What should I do?


brittany - August 29

hey..im 16 and am 5 months pregnant. a lot of people who have miscarriages want babies right after because they start getting attatched to the baby while it's growing inside of them..but you really need to look at all the aspects of being a young mom. and you shouldnt want to have a baby only because you think it's the only thing that will love you. that isnt fair to yourself, your boyfriend or the baby. if you want someone to love you then get a new boyfriend, or a puppy lol..not a baby. although your baby will love you, it also comes with 1 million responsibilities and worries and such. please dont try and get pregnant again.. :o(


Amber - August 29

Wanting someone to love you is NOT the reason to have a baby. That is the worse excuse to have one. Why not try loving yourself first. My friend is 21 years old, she wanted to have a baby so someone would love her, and i told her time and time again: Don't get preggers for that reason. In my book, 21 is still a baby. And if you think about it, all kids get to the age when they HATE their parents, and put them through hell. PLEASE do not have a baby that you cannot support finacially. I am sure that you will give it PLENTY of love, but if the reason that you want to have a baby is so it will love you that is very selfish. Get a dog. Its more affordable, less painful, and will really love you. PLUS if you want to go out and party on a friday night, you can just leave down some food and water, and then go and party your a__s off. Do this world a favor, and PLEASE wait untill you are EMOTIONALLY and FINACIALLY ready to have a baby. Love your self first. One more point: Shouldnt you have someone to love you to have the baby with?


Tammy - August 29

Babies don't love you because they have not yet learned what love is or how to love. Babies are a job that require your love and all your energy. You seem like you just want someone that is not going to be disappointed in you. A baby, once grown will be disappointed in you after they realize they don't have what other children have because you were a teenage mother with no financial means of support or higher education. You miscarried because your body was not ready for a baby-- God makes those things happen for a reason. Grow-up, enjoy your childhood, and learn to love yourself. Other people won't love you if you don't love yourself first.


Tommy - August 29

Children should not be trying to raise children! You obviously have too much time on your hands if you are only 15 and obsessing about having a baby. Get a hobby or a work permit so you can get a part-time job. You are too young to be wanting to play house!


Shorty - August 29

No offence, but that is a pretty selfish reason for wanting to get pregnant. And if you were to go thru with it, with that as your main motivation, you will only be hurting yourself and your child. Being a mum is not about self, but all about someone else, and sometimes mums don't feel loved... but they are still mum, and still have to get on with being a mum. Wanting a child to try and fill a viod or a need in your life, at this age, or at any age is a really really selfish thing to do, and when you are a mother, you dont have time to be selfish.


Carly - August 29

Thanks for your input. I will wait before I get pregrent again.


Amber - August 29

A very wise choice! You will be happy you made it!


brittany - August 29

tammy- "a baby will be disappointed you because it will realize it doesnt have what other children had and you were just a tennager.." i realize what you are saying, but there are some teens who are pregnant who bust their a__s everyday, and their boyfriends work full time and they have full support. not all teen moms have a low level of education or cant offer what a financially and emotionally stable family can. As a pregnant teen, i resent a lot of your statements you were way too harsh, and it really discouraged me as a teen myself. you are on a teen pregnancy forum, please think about what your words may do to someone before you post them.


Just some words... - August 30

brittany- You must remember that no matter how hard your boyfriend works, that he may not always be there, You as a mother needs to be able to support your child. In this instance, the mother probably will not be able to offer the child the support that they need emotionally, as they want to have the baby so someone will love them. The i am sure that the low education remarks were due to the fact that having a child demands a lot of your time, so much time that some mothers are not able to finish school. Having a child at a young age is a bad choice, as most of the time the pregnancies are not planned, and the mother is frightened, or the mother purposely gets pregnant. Remember that most of these are not personal attacks on the individual but on the situation. As in some places, the taxpayers of the country have to support the child. In all cases there are exceptions to the rule, and some mothers do a wonderful job. My mother was young when she had me, and somehow managed to finish school. However she wishes that she had me later in life, so she could enjoy being a teenager. You cant leave a baby home alone with a bottle, you cant leave them alone with a stranger, and you most definatly cannot take a trip to the Bahamas with the pals. Unless you want to leave the kid at home, and worry about it all the time. For the most part people are conservative with their responses, and other times they are just so stunned by the lack of sense that some of these children have. In conclusion: If you do not want peoples opinions, do not ask for them. If you want people to tell you what you want to hear, then talk to a mirror. I wish all you girls the best of luck with your present and future pregnancies, and hope that you can be the mothers that you all have the capabilities to be.


brucen - August 30

great post


brittany - August 30

i totally understand what you are saying. but as a 16 year old pregnant girl, i hear people down pregnant teens all the time, and i get tired of it. yes- we made mistakes, we regret them, but we must pick ourselves up off the ground and start to carry on once again. I was jsut saying that her comment of the child growing up disappointed in you because you couldnt provide it with what other children have was harsh. I am 100 % certain that my baby will have a wonderful future, and a better home life than half the kids i know who are in "financially stable homes." All i was saying was that i wish people would put themselves in our situations and see what we are going through before they make such harsh comments. And not to be rude, but I did not ask for anyone's advice, i posted the 1st comment to this girl yesterday...


Katie - August 30

This s going to sound terrible. But somehow maybe that miscarrige was, in a deranged way, a blessing. Your only 15 and who wants the responsibilty of a baby at that age?


Tammy - August 31

Brittany- I speak from experience. I am a product of a teenage mother. As for what you said, my teenage mother did end up going to college and has a great job now but I am also 19 now. Even though my mother worked as a teen and so did her boyfriend, I still did not have the things that children with ADULT parents have nor did I have the advantages. I resented, no I hated my mother for it. Wake up, teens can not make the kind of money that ADULTS can. Look at the type of job you have to have. McDonald's it not financial security!!.. I still resent my mother for being a teenage mom. I wished you would have waited so that I would not have had to endure being the product of a teenage pregnancy. Sorry, but you have no idea how your child is going to feel about you so you should save your comments until they are older and can expressive it to you.


Brittany - August 31

tammy-my mother was a teen mom too, and in no way do i resent her, my grandmother was as well. My mom has nothing but respect for her, and i have nothing but respect for my mom. I know she tried her best, and I love her dearly for that. lol-mcdonalds.. um my boyfriend is a sub contractor, and i work at a daycare full time. And with the help of our families we are WAY beyond financially stable..I wish that this could come later instead of now too. But I can be plenty a__sured, my child wont be raised to be a brat and "hate" me for giving them my best.


Carly - September 2

I don't understand how someone could hate there mother for having them as a teen. I think a teen can take care of a child and give it enough and give it lots of love. And there are teen mothers that go out there and still go to college and get a great job. But I think that a baby is a great thing and no one should NOT want their baby. It don't matter HOW old you are. Everyone has the capabilities of love and giving someone special a home. So the people that put down teen mothers maybe they should go back and look at them self's. And think how happy they are with there kids, and we feel JUST the same as you do. Also I don't understand why people have to put down other people. But everyone has there own choices in life, and if you look forward you can make the best out of them. A baby is a great thing and I think that you can be 15 or 16 and have a baby. And if the person didn't want a baby then they shouldn't open there legs, it takes 2 to make.


Amy - September 2

Carly and Brittany - you both need to take a deep breath and look at what you are saying. At the age of 15 or 16 you CANNOT in any possible way be the best mother you could be - it is pratcially impossible. At that age you are still growing as people yourselves, you've never had a proper job, you've not finished school yet, probably never truly been in love and never had any real life experiences. When you get to 21 or 22 you will look back at when you were 15 and 16 and you will think to yourself "good I was so immature then". EVERYONE does ok? Just to have something to do is no reason to have a baby. I pity any child that is born from that way. Carly you sound like you are dperessed with life, maybe you should get counselling. A baby does not solve problems it creates loads more. Post natal depression is a b___h too! I have a couple of friends who were born to teenage mothers and they BOTH tell me they hate their mother for it. They were always just getting by, had numerous step dads, moved from a to b to c to d, had c___p clothes and their mothers were never around because they were either on dates, clubbing, or working one of their 3 jobs. Stop giving teenage pregnancy a good name, there is no way that any teenage pregnancy is plausable. Not one!



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