I Am 15 And I Think I Am Pregnant I Need Help

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chicky - September 25

well i had s_x and the condom broke now i am so worried that i am pregnant. i havnt slept or eaten , i have been nervouse. i really want to know what i should do. i need help. my boyfreind said that he wont help me raise a baby. he says he doesnt want to be a farther. how do i know if i am pregnant or not?


Helper - September 25

well you should take a pregnancy test - they cost around $10-15, so its not much. And look out for those symtoms - morning sickness, urinating more than usual, tiredness.. etc. Good luck with it


Grandpa Viv - September 25

Use Emergency Contraception in the first 72 hours after condom failure to minimize the chance of pregnancy (free in the UK, 1-800-230-PLAN in USA). If you were past ovulation there is little chance anyway (period due in 12 days or less). Get smart and use back-up contraception like v____al spermicide or hormones. Take a pregnancy test if and when your period is 1 week late. Good luck!


Kim - September 25

How long ago did you have s_x???? That's how i can tell you when to start looking for symptoms. e-mail me: [email protected]


- September 25

dont worry till u missed ur period


Jade - September 25

Well first, it's normal to feel scared, Take a pregnancy test to be sure and that should relieve some stress, atleast you'll know and u can do something about it. If you are, trust me your gonna start feeling sick and it's not like having the flew it's a feeling thats one of a kind, you'll know. If you start vometing in the morning espically after you've eaten something, thats morning sickness. if you are you'll see symptoms in a coulpe weeks. Tell your boyfriend to go to hell, You didn't jump on top of you'r self, and if your not pregnant, you can see now that he's not going to be their for you when you need him the most. Just take it easy and take care of your self.


tracy - October 8

first you get a test and then a new boyfriend beeing pregnant isint like beeing adopted by aliens trust me have this baby you need a boy who knows that if you are ready to have s_x you have to be a grownup what ever happens



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