I Am 16 And Want A Baby

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Shannon - January 13

I am sixteen and i very badly want a baby, my boyfriend says he will be here foir me if i do get pregnat, and on a level i think i mikght already be and if im not i so badly want one, please what should i do???? I tried to tell my cousin that i thought i was but he laughed and said whatever becaue i would never do something like that because im sucha good goody girl, i really want a baby and i think i might already have one groing inside me, yes i have a job, i bring in about 9 hundred and something a month and if im not pregnat i really want one what should i do ..im scared yet happy, yet confused please help me......


tara - January 13

No matter how ready you feel you are to have a baby, at this age you are way to young to become a mother. Motherhood is dream most girls have...just like most girls dream about thier wedding day...it's that common. But at your age it should remain a dream untill you have finished school. Isn't there anything you want to do before having kids, like go travle explore part of the world...or all of it? There is so much more to life when you are young and so much more opportunity to do things. Well, if it turns out that you are pregnant I hope you are ready for a reality check because motherhood is about one of the hardest things -most pleasurable- but still hardest things you'll ever do.


Shannon - January 13

I understand but am un sure of what to do..


Krista - January 13

I agree with tara. You will miss out on so much. you won't be to just go and hang out with your friends on the weekends because you will have a baby to take care of. You have plenty of time to have a baby you are only 16. But if you are pregnant I wish you lots of luck.


suzieq - January 16

I know how you feel. I have been trying for 2 months to get pregnant. No baby yet but I will keep trying


To Shannon - January 17

You have motherly instincts... thats great!! But dont mistake this with wanting a baby. Mosy girls at your age ago mushy when they see a little baby and have pretty much planned their names, what they will wear, and what school they will be going to. Is great to plan and dream and have fun with the prospect of one day having a child. But you are not at an age where you can give your child the best in life. You are still pretty much a child yourself and there is still so much you need to learn. You will have to put your plans on hold and be the sole provider to your baby, because I am sure that not many guys in their right mind at the age of 16-to their early twenties, really want to be stuck with a baby. Its a great dream.... but wait until you have the means to fulfill the dream properley.


tara - January 17

You said you are unsure of what to do…well my suggestion is that you should not get pregnant at this age. Trust me, once you hit 18 the urge of wanting a baby will stop (you will still have the urge to be a mother, but you will realize that you are not ready for a baby)...as I said before it's very natural and common to want a baby at this age. But when you are a 1 or 2 older other urges will kick in and you will want to do more with your life. So try to keep a leveled head about this and wait until at least your early 20’s to get pregnant. There is just to much to life that you will miss out on and I can guarantee you that if you get pregnant right now you will come to regret your decision later on…you will realize you were to young for this. I’m not saying you won’t love your child; but you will say that you were too young.


Shannon - January 17

I understand all of you, but i just dont know, i think i have had the first sign of me maybe being preg... Morning sicknes and missed periods


to Shannon - January 17

you will need alot more than 900 buck a month to support a baby and live. What you going to do. Have you a house to live in


KM - January 18

reality check, a baby costs more than 900 a mnth. formula=50 bucks a week diapers=20 bucks a week wipes=10 bucks a week then theres clothes, all its furniture, a HOUSE,bath stuff..when the baby is sick you need to pay for health care,perscriptions.. etc.



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