I Am 16 Year Old Ima Good Girl But Have Had Sex W My B F

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Alis Boes - November 19

I was suposed to start my period on Nov. 13 2004, but am late. it is now the 19th. I am very scared. My dad is a preacher and mom would kill me. Help me the best way how. My boyfriends mom knows and wants to get me birthcontrol, but i think it is too late. HELP!


T - November 19

Alis - Before you start worrying big time hun, you need to do a pregnancy test. This might sound slightly mean, but you should of used protection. It doesn't matter if the guy doesn't like to use protection. Its what you want. Protection is the only way of stop unwanted pregnancies. Anyway do a pregnancy test and dont worry about telling your parents yet. Talk to your boyfriend and let him know you may be pregnant and see if he will support you. Find out as much info as you can from him. You need to know whether he will support you or walk hun. But most importanly you need to have the pregnancy confirmed. Once its been confirmed you will have to decide what you want to do and then think of a way to tell your parents. Its not going to be easy love. It will probably be one of the most hardest things you'll ever have to do. But you cant hide it. So I would do a pregnancy test, talk to your boyfriend and if its positive have the pregnancy confirmed. If you need to talk to anyone, just post a message and someone on here will try to help you. Even I'll try if you want. :o) But try not to worry okay? I know its a hard thing not to do but you need to find out hun. So do the test and if its positive have the pregnancy confirmed. If your period doesn't arrive in a week, do another pregnancy test. If its still negative you'll have to see your doctor for a blood test to find out hun. Take Care and let me know how you get on. :o)


Kira - December 14

talk to your boyfriend about it and see what he say. Have him go get you a pregnancy test and let him be there when you take it if it shows up positive wait a while and take another one and if the results are the same then its time to talk to your parent (mom) it might not be the eaiest thing to do but at least you'll have someone behind you all the way no matter what pray about it hope everything will be okay


Kyaira - December 14

Listen, I'm 16 to the best thing to do is just be truthful no matter how bad it hurts.I have had s_x with my boyfriend to but I learned that telling my family was the best thing I had ever done. Tell them it's worth it.


katrell st_th - December 16

I was wondering that I can see you in my state of california?


addy - December 16

I wouldnt start buying baby clothes yet or anything alot of people have irregular pierods and maybe you should go and get a pregnancy test and take it and if you are pregnant it will show. keep in touch [email protected]


melissa - December 17

does your chariy pop all the time when you first have s_x?


sum guy - January 5

i think you should tell your parents do u know why because they love you and they will try to hellp you no matter what happen to you baby i am a guy i am not gay either so if you listen to me it will be ok i know this because iv being in loads of trouble and i have being to jail several times so try to trust me and thats all i got to tell you and goodluck with your baby .


Sarah - January 5

You need to find out if you are pregnant, before you go on birth control ( which you SHOULD have been on in the first palce) If you think you are old enough to go thru with s_x, you need to accept responsibilities that come with it. IF all you are worried about is your parents reaction to you becoming pregnant, then it seems that maybe you rushed into things way too soon, without knowing the full responsibility that s_x brings. ( Now that I have gotten that speel over and done with) Talk to your boyfriends mother, and set up an appointment to get a pregnancy test done, from there, a__sess your situation and decide what to do, If you are not pregnant, you NEED to get onto some sort of effective birth control to stop incidents like this from happening. ( Oh and the "I am a good girl..") What the? Just because you wanna have s_x and are at the point of getting caught out with a pregnancy your only defence is "Im a good girl" Please, you have a hell of a lot growing up to do, if that is your only attribute in this argument


redsnow - January 8

I want to put parents like yours and your bf's mother behind bars. Who in hell told you that you were ready for dating? I really don't think you should be dating till you are 20. Just look at what's happening. letting young people date is like telling bunny rabits to meet themselves. Dating during an imature age, brings such adultish, complicted situations to face doesn't it honey bunch? You will be facing reality sqare in the face in some months. Be prepared.



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