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mommy2be - July 17

I am hear to share my story. I am 16 years young and i maybe be a mommy to be... Over the past 3 and a half months, i have been feeling that having a baby is on the horizon for me. Everything, from my body, to the way i think, has changed. I have built time to bond with my unborn baby, not knowing for a certain if he or she is there. But there was something that i felt, was a mothers extinct that just clicked for me and having that feeling that i am a mommy to be was all i felt. It has been very hard for me because i have felt that no body is there for me. I have felt that i had to be in hiding when it came to my baby because i didn't know how to tell anybody. The man that i love, we are in a long distance relationship and what i feel, deep in my heart, is he is the one for me. The love for him that i have is everlasting. And feeling, that i am going to share a piece of him and a piece of me, i find the most beautiful thing. I have sat up at night, praying that if this is suppose to happen, let it... if it isn't, then let me go on with my life! My life has tragically stopped... has changed. Just every day, every night, the feeling that i am a mommy to be... has put a smile on my face, but also, has led me to shed some tears. I have stopped everything i was doing. From going out and partying, from drinking,and from being around smokers. I have avoided stress in any way passable because what i am concerned about is my unborn baby( If my unborn baby does truly exist). I will find out the results in a couple of days, for certain if i am pregnant or not. To tell you the truth, i will be a little bit in pain to find out that i am not pregnant because of the bonding that has been going on for me, for the past 3 in a half months. But i guess, this is just what is intended for me. I will never forget the feelings that i feel now... This time, that has been spent feeling that i am pregnant, has been the most precious time i have spent, in my life! No mater, how old you are, or how young you feel, when feeling that you are holding, under your heart, not just a baby... but YOUR baby...is the most precious...most beautiful... most everlasting feeling that you could ever feel!!!


Me - July 17

You know, when I was pregnant with my son, I knew that I was-prior to that like, 5 months, I felt like my life needed some serious redirecting. 3 months later I met my now husband, and my son just turned one last monday. Although you are still young, some just "know" when things are about to happen. I have been drug free for over 2 years, starting my 3rd year in college, and I am happy as I have ever been. I recently miscarried, and I loved that baby as much as I love any other baby. Good luck to you.


mommy2be - July 17

To Me... well congrats for being drug free for almost 2 years.. keep it up... For me, there is just this feeling inside my stomah( not that i think this feeling is my baby) it is a feeling of " knowing"... I Really, jus want the best. I love babys( i am gong to major in baby drr. so i am going to get started on it next year) so you can tell that my emotions are just running high.....I just want to know already the answer.... and if i am not..... this will be an expierence always in the back of my memory. This is the frist time feeling that i could be pregnant, having so many things happen to me and it is just a big SHOCK you should say... i just want to know so i could go day by day knowing that i am doing the right thing for my bab( taking vitamins and just taking care of myself overall)


rach - July 18

take a hpt


mommy2be - July 18

For me, i dont belive in them. I had a freind of mine as well, she was getting periods, but abnormal.. and she took a hpt and it came back negitive, but when went to the dr to see for sure, they told her she was 3 to 4 months pregnant!!


mommy2be - July 19



shannon - July 19

I had a baby at 16. A beautiful baby girl Payge. Congrats. I'm not one to say go get pg but since your already there I'm happy for you. Take care of yourself and try not to depend to much on your b/f yet. I had a 3 year relationship and pregnancy sent him running. I am now 24 happily married (not to the runner) and a pg w/ my 4th due march 4, 06. Take care of that amazing bundle of joy growing inside you. Oh you will be tired for atleast the next 18 years. theres alot to worry about.


mommy2be - July 19

to shannon... well yea... i take it thta i will be tired... tired of the work... tired of worryin about my baby but it is all worth it.( i understand i hav never had a baby before, but watching your baby.... from insdie.... coming up and growing up must be the most wonderfull thing)....


Ashley - July 19

Usually I don't encourage a teen to get pregnant....but you sound like you might be ready. The way you describe being pregnant is beautiful. I hope you are because i don't want you to be dissapointed. best of luck, and keep us posted please!!


mommy2be - July 19

To Ashley, well thank you for your comment. I just want what is best. I am actually a bit nervous because it is today that i get my results. I look at my stomcah and i think to myself.... " gosh it cant be" but then there is something insdie that is just forcing me to understand that i am going to be a mommy to be. All i care about is that if i am, that my baby is healthy. That is what scares me the most. What i am also very concerned about is how can i be so far along and just now, finding out? I feel like a bad pearson because i feel tha ti could of put my baby in so much danger. I just pray to god that everything goes well....


not a mommy - July 20

WELLLLLLLL i am hear to tell you that no i am not pregnant. I will never forget this time spent bonding with the baby i thought existed... this is an expiernce that is going to be in the back of my memmory for life! Thanks to everyone that showed apprecation...



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