I Am 19 And

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Destiny - April 13

Well n e wayz my 17 year old sister just found out she was pregant. I was so shoked. Me myself is still a virgin. I hate been a virgin not any of my friends are virgins and now my sister is pregant and she can't be a virgin. I feel bad been 19 and still a virgin. r n e of yall a virgin if not write how old u were when u lost it. My sister was 17.


EAS - April 13

I am not now and I am 24 almost 25 but I was for a very long time and actually waited for my husband. It was amazing and please remember that your virginity is a gift that you can give only once. Make it special and meaningful whenever you decide you are ready. But don't do it just because your sister did. My husband also waited and our wedding night was hilarious and also the most memorable time in my life. It was great to be so comfortable with him that we could laugh because atleast in my experience it was not pa__sionate and sweaty like the movies. It was awkward and scary and so quick you could not have broken a sweat. But then we had all night to get it right. Trust me its worth waiting.


Audrey - April 13

Destiny- I lost it at age 20, and I am glad that I waited. Many girls that I went to high school with would talk about s_x and losing their virginity as if it were a compet_tion, but it should not be. As EAS said, you can only give it once, and it's best to give it to someone that you love and respect, and who loves and respects you in return.


Destiny - April 13

Can some more people please tell me how u feel i need all the advice i can get.


Kayla - April 13

no i'm not a virgin. i lost my virginity when i was 12 years old. i know its young. i am now 16 and i'm pregnant. and i really need some adive.


Gabby - April 13

im not proud of this but i lost mine at 14 to a guy i thought i loved, what a loap of c___p i wish i would have known then what i know now. i am 17


Gabby - April 13



katie - April 13

i lost my virginity at 14 (the age i am now) and im pregnant...ur better waiting after all it is something u can only do once... but alest me and my bf r still to gether and hav been 4 2yrs =D anyways take care and dnt b ashamed of it b pround xxx katie


Princess - April 19

Well I haven't been a virgin since I was 14 and I'm now 19 its not something to rush I was with the same guy on and off for 6 yrs..since grade school..we arent together anymore and I found someone who treats me so much better ..you may feel bad but the truth of the matter is ..don't feel obligated to have s_x just bc everyone else is doing it ..if ur not ready dont...and if u do decide to ..then please be safe..take care


Krista - April 19

I was raped at 13.. so i wasnt a virgin for a while.. and i am glad that u are still a virgin.. cuz ur not ready.. and u probably dunt wunt to end up like half of us!!! keep doing good with that!! :) :)


check this out - April 19

I lost my virginity at 14 and the same time i lost it, is the same times I got preg.


Karrie - April 20

I lost my virginity when I was 16, but I really regtet it. I didn't like the boy I lost it to, and it was messy and painful. He didn't care about anything except getting into my pants, but I just wanted to be accepted in the social circle of girls with boyfriends and the only way to keep my boyfriend was to have s_x with him. Although I didn't like it, I continued to sleep with him untill I found out about his six other "girlfriends." It has been three years since I have had s_x with anyone, and although I regret my decision to have s_x young, I am happy about my decision not to have a lot of partners.


d mon - April 20

hey, i know it seems like a big deal if youre still a virgin, im 19 and lost mine at 17. But, take it from me, its no big deal, its, like you said, to do wit your mates really! you do feel @[email protected] of it for a cupple of months, knowin that youv got a perspective and an opinion to talk to your mates bout, but after that, when you grow up, even within 2 years, you realise that its not a big deal and it will really matter when you enjoy it with a longterm partner when it means something and when its an act of love rather than just an act (that the first time round, is usually over within a few minutes...or seconds!!) so dont worry about it an just wait..i know its easy to say that, but youll appreciate it more in the future!!


sarah - April 21



DJ - April 21

S_x is better, if you're a little older, to be honest, or at least it was for me. It is also better if there is love and friendship between you and your partner. Do not settle for less. Whatever you decide, please protect yourself. Parenthood is also better a little older!



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