I Am 19 And If I Could Get Some Advice

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Krista - April 7

I'm currently about 4 days late in recieving my period. I'm getting a little worried. I have been suffering from nausea, hot flashes, fatigue, tender br___ts, etc. My period was due on the 4th. Shortly before I had gone in for the blood test due to the nausea. What do you think? Is it possible that I'm just late with my period, I have been stressed due to school. I hate the end of a semester, so many exams X.X My boyfriend and I are very careful, I'm on the pill and we use condoms. Any advice was appreciated


helly - April 8

you are prob just stressing yourself out. Im like you to i worry bout it and im on the pill and my boyfriend also u's condoms! last month i thought i was pregnant and got really sick got blood tests and urine test cause i wasnt well. it turned out fine i did get my period on time tho.but a friend off mine got really worried befor and she didnt get her period for 3months cause she was so worried bout it.so just try and relax and dont think bout it and your period will come and you say your b___st are sore that could b because of you period!!if you where taken the pill at the right time/not missd one/havnt got sick or any thing it should work fine and you used a condom to and if that didint rip that should of work fine to!try not to worry and your period will come if you a really worried go to your doc and put your mind at rest good luck : )


Grandpa Viv - April 8

If you have taken the pill on time all month, and have not been taking antibiotics or anything that blocks the pill, it's difficult to see how you could be pregnant. Go to the manufacturer's web site and read all the side effects. That may relieve your mind. When on the pill you don't have a real period, just a hormone withdrawal bleed, and under some circ_mstances that can dry up. I think if you call the prescribing doctor the nurse will ask that you take one more (quant_tative) blood test before starting on the next round of pills. Good luck!


myra flores - April 9

i think u r just stressed trust me its good u r being very careful when u r young its good to wait



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