I Am 19 And Just Found Out Im Pregnant

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Kasie - October 7

I just found out and i am a freshman in college but i have been pregnant before and i have had an abortion before as well. But anyways i have a boyfriend and am considering keeping it but i am reallly confused and need advice i am afraid i will end up 22 and poor with a family and regretting it at the same time what if i could be happy??


- October 7

being a single mom is hard. but u can do it, i did. but on the other hand. i had lots and lots of help with my family, the father stuck by me, but i was still very much single, i thought about adoption, but when i started to read familys profiles, i just could feel any of them, i wish that i could give my son more. but i cant so i do what i can do. i wish u the best of luck and i hope that u think about the baby, when it comes tim to deicide what ur going to do. good luck.


kate - October 7

hi, im not single but i was 19 when i had my first. even though i was married it still was very hard. he had to work all the time, to bring in the paycheck. but i have lots of teen friends that have placed there babies for adoption, and some that have keep them. they love there babies but they rely on other people to get them stuff, so that they can go to school/work. if u want to talk u can email me at [email protected] and i think what u do for ur baby will make u happy in the end


feels for u - October 10

I'm also 19 and pregnant - I was also at university. Its hard to decide what comes first, but know that you can always return to your education - they should be able to schedule your lectures around you, and you will get support off the state - so you won't be THAT poor. Just enjoy the fact you've got a little life inside you thats a part of you. I was petrified at first but could never abort. Trust me, the guilt of another abortion would be more painful than childbirth, just know your not alone and you seem very responsible. You can do it :)


Kat - October 10

Hi Kasie. I'm in a similar situation to you - I'm 23 but I'm in my second year of university as I took four years out before starting. My baby is due in May - I've spoken to the university and we've figured out a plan so that I'll be able to continue with my studies, and they've been able to point me in the right direction for financial advice so my hubby and I know what we're ent_tled to. Will your boyfriend help you through this? If you investigate you'll likely find out that it's more possible than you first thought xx


Marlene - October 10

Hi kasie i'm 19 and due in march.I'm single thougj and it will be hard but you can do it. You just have to decide what you would regret more not having your child or not finish college in exactly four years. You can always go back to school but you can never get back a child you gave up.Goodluck and keep us posted.How far are you?


Monique - October 10

Same here i'am 18 a freshman in college and i'm probably pregnant i'm a little nervous to comfirm it. Still tryna get my head straight on, everything. I already late on starting my period and i'm never late. I was also pregnant before and had an abortion, after that i promised myself that will never happen again. The fisrt time i got pregnant it was by my boyfriend. Now that i'm facing the same thing, only thing he's my ex now instead of my boyfriend. I haven't even told him yet, because when i took the pregnancy test it was to early, and i already it came up negative. I know there was a little relief for him there, but now i'm worried on how he is going to take it. I know there are ways to get through it, because i've checked, I even thought about selling avon or something. Far as school i'll try to continue until the baby is born but if thats not possible. I will try taking online courses until i acheive my major. Hope everything works out for you keep me posted or email me at [email protected]



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