I Am 25 And Got A 16yr Old Pregnant

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Mandy - July 6

I understand exzactly where you are comming from...I am 17 and have just recently found that i am pregnant, and my boyfriend is older and my parents are totally against it and want me to have an abortion. but i will not do that because i love the guy i am with and know we could make things work. If you both love each other enouph nothing should come in between this. Age is a number....


sarcasm - July 7

Kay so what do you think about Nebraska who says the legal age of consent to having s_x is 16, but you can't get married w/o parents consent unless you are 19? YUP all those legislators are going to HELL for not only encouraging, but making it legal to have premarital s_x for 3 years!


Meagan - July 8

I don't think marrying her will make things right. Most people I know think that if you get someone pregnant, marrying them will make it all right, but that's not true. It binds you in a relationship that you probably wouln't have been in unless it was for the baby. I'm not saying that marrying her is wrong, but think about what you are saying. You can be there for her and for the baby. How old do you have to be to be able to move out? Maybe she can move out and live with you or something like that. I think the mother and father will simmer down eventually. This is a big shock for them too. Just take one thing at a time and think about the best interest for you, her, the baby, and the families involved.


Confused - August 9

Thanks Guys and Gals.. We are still together and we plan on getting married as soon as we can. I love the girl with all my heart.


Dawn - August 9

wow i just have to say i really respect what ur doing confused. Most guys dont take responsibilty like u and im glad to see some1 doing that. I know ur in a tough situation and theirs no need for me to ask u what u were thinking not using protection cuz its already done and over with. I would stand up 2 her parents and ur own and tell them how much u love the unborn baby and her and i would tell them that u r a responsible person who cares deeply about ur g/f and wants to do whats best. Is ur g/f thinking about getting an abortion? if she is tell her its the wrong thing 2 do, not that its my business but i think she is a little to young to get married, u should only get married if u plan to be their for her and if u can support u and her and the baby financially, and of course if u love her. Having a baby is a big responsibilty i wish u the best of luck im sure u'll be a great father.


Shel - August 9

well good luck, my bf is in the army and he is from nebraska too, all i can say is if u want in the babies life let the girl know that, and be there as much as posible for her, good luck


Confused - August 10

We are keeping the baby she is due in a few months. I am not marrying her for the baby. I am marrying her because I love her. Thanks for the support guys and gals.


nikki - August 11

I would find a sutiable place for you this girl and the baby to live. Make sure your girl says in school and finsihes no matter what. This will be very hard on you. Ignore her parents they will come to there sences


Shorty - August 11

The folks would also be worried that if you guys did get married, that you were both marrying each other outta love, not outta convienience.


jusge moody - August 12



Katie - August 15

y do u guys keep talkin bout age difference there's 23 yrs between my parents - Now that is a big age gap


brucen - August 15

Katie--Maybe you missed this in s_x ed cla__s, but s_x with a minor is illegal.


Katie - August 15

When did i say it wasn't


Steph - August 18

Vurcen-- he said that in his state it wasn't illegal because she's 16, not 15. Confused-- this girl is lucky that she didn't sleep with another 16 yr. old in my opinion. There is a pretty big age difference but I'm thinking that the baby has a better future with you as his/her daddy instead of some 16 yr.old who left him/her and the mummy. I have huge respect for you acting your age now and taking responsibility for all of this. You'll be a great daddy and a great husband too. But you don't have to marry her... you say it's not causde of the baby but cause you love her but you can wait a year or two, it doesnt have to happen now. But if you truely believe this is the best thing for you, the baby, and your fiance then good for you. Just make sure she finishes school and goes to college so you two can make the bets life for your kid (which is what I'm guessing you're wanting for the baby too). As for the parents, getting married to their daughter will probably only make things worse with your relationshop with them. You have to understand that to them you're just the boy who stole the innocence (so they think) of THEIR baby. But If you stick around and show how responsible and involved you want to be they'll probably move on from those feelings. But yeah, getting married will make things worse with that. So best of luck to you!!! I'm just glad to know that there's someone out there who didnt just pretend it didnt happen. lets hope there's more out there like you!!!


[email protected]@@@ - August 19

do the man have a say if i DOT have the baby what if he ask to see me about the baby but i donot what to see him.


! - August 19

Well your a dirty s___t ANo



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