I Am 25 And Got A 16yr Old Pregnant

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Florence Ayrow - September 9

Well no because I'm 13 years old what if I was pragnent for an 17 year old


amber - September 9

well i am dating a 20 year odl guy and i kno how you feel in a way but i am not in your position but i am willing to help you out... well i think you shuld tlk to her parents and let them kno how you feel about this situation let them kno that you love her and want to be there for the baby......just try to talk to the parents as much as you can and be like i will support your daughter and help her out .....if you have a job tell them you will work and raise money for the baby and if you dont have a job then tell them you will get one......i really hope i gave you some good advice if you want e-mail me at [email protected] if you need ne more help!! and tell you babys mama that im nto tryin to get with you by givin you my e-mail its just i really wanna help you out bc i kno how you feel in a way bc i have had this happen to a friend but i gtg


none of u r.. - September 11

none of u r in the situation. visit a phychatrist


A young Friend - September 18

I really can not help you in that type of situation I'm only 15 and I wont be 16 until February.But after reading what you wrote I feel as if you need all the help and support you can find.(I came across this pa__sage you wrote while doing a paper on "Teen Pregnancy".) I really can't blame her parents for being upset, I mean I would be too if I found out something like this about my daughter! They can't be mad forever though. No matter how upset they maybe they are going to have to face reality one day or another so why not start now? As for your future baby's mother that was a real messed up thing she did. I'm not trying to make her look bad or put her down or anything but if she lied to you about her age what else has she lied about? Are you sure that this is a 100% chance you are the father or a 50/50? I see a lot of this sort of thing happening in my community and my High School. But don't stress over this because her parents CAN NOT deny you the right to be in that child's life. That is your child not theirs. They are crazy if they think you are fit to be in that childs life you want to be there,you arent dening the mother nor the child, and by reading what you wrote you show more love and concern then any boy that girls age could ever show. I know you dont know me and vise versa but I will show you all the support I can because I know you need it.


Listener - September 18

This may sound radical but what about marrying her and devoting yourself to her and your child?


Katie - September 19

if yuo'd readd most of the posts you would know that he IS planning to do that, which if you ask me is pretty stupid


Dawn - September 19

I agree with " ur disguisting people" somewhat. Although i feel that she is being a little to harsh, I do feel that u "confused" should of been more responsible and used protection. I mean so she lied to u about her age, that obviously means u dont know her well and that u were so blind sighted to see that she was only 16. The damage is done and theirs no going back. U should of used protection in the first place. If that was my daughter i would be very angry and dont be mad at her parents becuz their angry anyone would be, i mean come on u find ur 16 yr old daughter was sleeping around with a guy 9 yrs older then her and now shes pregnant i mean thats crazy. Yes yes she lied about her age but what did she say she was, 17? If u r for real and u do wanna support her and ur baby and u love them both, then talk to ur 16 yr old girlfriend about it, shes 16 i dont think marriage would be the right thing right now but its ur messed up life do what u want.


Dawn - September 19

as u can all see, confused is not posting in anymore which means he got advice from other ppl.


nikki - September 25

i am 13 years old and i may be pregnant at my first time of having s_x. i know what it feels like, and all that this girl needs is to be loved and know that you will be there in a time of crisis i love my boyfriend and we what to be together but it took a long time to findo out what we want all you need to do is try your hardest dtop thinking about yourself and start thinking about her i am goin to go now but thikn about what i said thnx bi


Tiffany - September 29

If i were you you should keep talking to her and let her know that you want to be there for that baby no matter what because i kno how it is u need to do whats best and stay in her life and that baby's life and as soon as she turns 18 u need to stay with her because that is your resposibility you got her pregnant that was your choice to unzip ur pants so now u got her pregnant and just stay calm you'll be okay just stay with her and dont leave her by herself because she is going to need you when she is in labor ok bye and good luck with ur new baby


Tiff - September 29

dont listen to all these girls that are trying to be rude your gonna be fine just get married and if i were you dont even read what these rude people write they r jsut trying to be tough all i got ot say is good luck and i hope she and the baby will both be okay after birth because my mom lost my twin at birth and i dont want that to happen to u well good luck .. with ur fiance and baby ,,


STUPID PPL - September 30



Ca__sie - September 30

Im 14 and im having s_x with a 21 year old! and hes wanting to get pregnant and i want to to. Wen i become pregnant which im going to. is it going to be illigle for us to get married if my parents approved?


Autumn Mary - October 2

im kinda going through the same thing. im 16 and is pregant with a 21 old baby. i just founded out 2 days ago and havent told anyone yet. Dont be ashamed. things like this happen all the time. At least your the kind of guy who is a least trying to make an effort. try talking to her about your decision, after you told her try talking to her parents and tell them what your trying to do, reasure them and tell them your trying to do the right thing. I'm still not sure in what to do myself. At least she came and told you that your gonna be a father, some pepole dont even do that much till they want something. Good Luck to you, dont let people put you down just because your trying to make a decison that could make a difference in your life and others.


cheeky - October 2

Autumn Mary, I take it you're pregnant with a 21 years old's baby and not with a 21 old baby. I'm imagining you absolutely house sized cos you'd have to have been carrying a 21 yr old baby around in you since before you were born! LMAO :D I don't mean any offence and I truly wish you the very best of luck in your relationship and I hope you have a gorgeous happy, healthy bouncing little baby. Good luck sweetcheeks xxx



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