I Am Alone

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bout2pop9907 - January 14

I mean at 1st me and my man were ok and then he chose his ex over me and I left him but now I know I am pg. He told me to avoid him paying child support I could say I dont know who the father is... I am so confused.


Skyeblue - January 14

Oh boy, this sounds like a real mess. Tell mom or dad or get some other adult intervention. You are obviously not prepared for what single parenthood entails. Sorry dear, good luck though!


Grandpa Viv - January 14

Why would you want to avoid him paying child support? You and the baby are going to need it big time. Guys should pay the price for getting their genes into the next generation. Also it means that the baby will be more likely to know its daddy. Good luck!


ChattyKathy - January 14

You have to have the responsibility of being a mother now. Why shouldn't he have the responsibility of being a father? Like viv said, you're going to need that support. Do it for your baby. Its selfish for him to try to convince you not to have the support.


ShaniDee - January 14

girl , if you really need the money forget how he feels it about you and yours.


SaraH - January 14

Why would you want to have him avoid child support. It is his child and he has the responsibility to help you care for it. The baby is going to cost a lot and you are going to need the "extra income" from child support. If you say you don't know who the father is, and then need his help in a few yr's the court system may want to know "why now and not 10 yr's ago when you had the baby," and it might make it much harder for you to get any help from him then. --although I'm sure that you could really use the help now too, not just later on.--- Not to mention that your child may in a few yrs want to know who it's father is. Also if any medical conditions come up then it might also be helpful in "knowing" the father. I realize you know who the father is, but in 15 yr's if you're birth certificate doesn't say, you never told anyone, and something happens to you, then what would your child do if they needed to find out who their father was b/c of a medical condition (I know that is alot of "what if's" but from time to time they do occur)? Anyways, it's his child he should be helping you w/ it. I'd certainly list him as the father if I was you, and ask for child support. Also talk to your parents or another adult as they can help you figure out the best way to work things out w/ your ex boyfriend. Good luck.


maryl14 - January 16

ok i hope you nail his a__s with child support like ROb said if he is willing to play then he needs to pay and you should think about you child not his wants or need anymore thats what got you pregnant sweetie just think if this baby is a girl and when she gets/got older and a guy got her pregnant and then told her to do that what would you do your gonna be a mommy now start thinking in the best interest of your child and its needs



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