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Alexis - August 30

What should I do? me and my boyfriend had s_x but the condom broke.I already took 5 pregnancy tests and they were all positive and I told my parents and they got really mad and i am living with my boyfriend who is 15 and he already told his parents. His dad, who I hate and he is super rich got really mad but still let me live in his house but his mom was ok with it and understood My boyfriend loves me and wants me to keep the baby and says he will be with me whatever happens. I am 12 weeks pregnant and am really scared about the birth and the baby dieing. What should I do?


Hannah - August 21

wow, you must be goin thro alot rite now. I dont know you or anything and i'm extremely sorry that ur mom did get mad. You need her the most rite now...i'm 14 too and all i can tell you is that u need to really think about what u are goin to do in the future and think about how u are goin to support ur new lil baby. please keep ur baby tho..dont put it up for adoption..it only makes things worse..believe me..i kno pplz are goin to try and say that it is the best thing but really it isnt..i'm glad that ur bf is stayin wit you! hes a good guy! if you want to talk..u can email me at [email protected] okay? dont hesitate... God Bless you!! Hannah


marissa - August 21

That really sucks that you took precaution, but the condom broke. I wish you well with everything. The baby wont die if you're careful. Avoid drugs...rollercoasters....falling...you get my drift. Anyway, I bet you and your baby will do fine when you go into labor.


Alexis - August 23

Shut Up b___h I am not a s___t, This was my 1st time and he used a condom. I know I should have used the pill the next day, I know I was really stupid not to. Also, how do I deserve to be kicked out of my house? Even if i did deserve it, it would be illegal, as I am under 16. And there is no way that I am putting up the baby for adoption. My boyfriends dad, after about a week of b___hing to him by my bf, agreed to pay for day care for the baby after it is born, not because he cares about me, but because he wants his son to go to school and make a lot of money.


Sam - August 23

Hey-im 27 weeks pregnant and i am 16 years old..if u wanna chat anytime just email me.. [email protected] ill be happy to chat to u :-) Have u been having regular antenatel appointments??just make sure you look after yourself properly and go to all your sppointments and both you and the baby will be fine..are you taking any vitamins??for the first 13 weeks of my pregnancy i took folic acid-this reduces the risk of down syndrome and spina bifida,you will have ultrasound scans done and routine blood tests to check to make sure you and the baby are ok-so dont worry about a thing!! Luv Sam+Bump


jessica - August 23

alexis, first of all i must say that the person that called you a s___t must be very immature because they didn't even put their name down. anyways back to you. i can't really say that i understand where you are coming from completely because you are 15 and pregnant but i was 18 when i first got pregnant. my mom was mad at me and did try to kick me out but she got over it. my son is now 2 years old and has a very close relationship with my mom. but thats enough about me, as for you i can say that give your mother some time don't put her out of your life now. call her up sometime let her know that you need her in this time of your life. do whatever you need to do to get it thru her head that you really are scared and you want her there. as for the whole birth thing you will be fine trust me. you will experience pain (maybe a lot, maybe a little, every pregnancy is different) but once you see your child all the hurt will be gone. god bless you and your baby!


Alexis - August 24

Yeah, I have been going to my doctors appointments. She said the baby should be fine. I called my mom tonight and she said that she would not let me in her house and she said that she might not even let me come back after the baby is born. I dont want to tell the police or the social worker people because if they forced her to take me back, she would treat me really bad and send me to a foster home or something. Living with my bf would be much better than living with her.


Shorty - August 24

Sounds like you are better off stayn away from your mum... you don't need that.


stephanie - August 24

iam 27 weeks pregnant and i have just turned 20 last week, at first my mum was really p__sed off with me, but now we get on great and she cant wait till her first grandson is born.I know you mum will be really mad right now but she will come round, you just have to give her time, and wotever you do dont shut her out cause you need your mum at this time in your life. Keep your chin up girl and try not get to stressed it will work out for the best it always does.xx


Alexis - August 24

I hope she will let me back in her house. I will try to talk to her again soon. I really hope that she will get over it.


13_Rokky_Road - August 27

Yes! i do agree that u r younge but boy u do not deserve that even though !!! thinks that. As long as u can give ur child a happy life and give it what it needs i.e. housing, food, protection then u will b a GREAT mum!. u probaly should have taken the emergency pill but u didn't no that this would happen(not saying it is all bad) but if u r responsible to no that u love ur baby then that is all that u need darl. and lets alll face it we all F>*@#! up at 1 stage this stuff up was a little earlier!?!?! and try to arrange a time to actually c ur mother to sa y what u wanna say to her face not over the phone coz that will mean more! yes i no that i am younge but this is what I personally think.


**Dont know** - August 28

ok well i went to tha dyno tha 17th and got a pregnancy test dont cuz me and my boyfriend thought i was pregnant... it came out i wasnt ... but now tha thought of me being pregnant makes me wanna have a baby.. i am 15... i know... im young and i dont need/ want a kid but tha thought.... im gettin on tha shot.. wut i was wondering is.... well after i got off my period... me and my boyfriend was messed up on some pills and we didnt have a condom.. so i told him to pull out and he agreed... but we both got cought up in tha moment... and i was on top and didnt get off of him in time... im not that worried about being pregnant... but if i am and then i go and get on tha shot about next week sumtime.. will it hurt tha baby?!?.....


Trinity - August 30

Alexis.. It will be ok, im not saying its going to be a walk in the park but it will be ok. I was 14teen when i had my son. Hes now 4 his dad an I are still together hes 21 now and im 18. I think every mother worrys about m/cing an birth.. But you know what when you get to the time to give birth and the pain starts you know that you will be a huge girft in the end and once you see your baby all the pain is gone!!! If yad like to talk email me at [email protected] or visit www.pregnantandparentingteens.bravehost.com


Brittney - September 30

hey everything will be ok just take care of the baby health write to me [email protected]


Kelly - September 30

hey im preg. to i feel the same way write me [email protected]



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