I Am Only 14 And Pregnant But Wanted A Baby

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Bridget Nicole - August 19

Help!!! I am only 14, and i just found out last week that i'm about 2 months pregnant. I still am not sure if it is only one baby or multiples yet. I have always wanted a baby since i wuz about 12, and now i'm rly gonna have one. I dont know if i should tell my parents, or just move in with my b/f. I told him the day after i found out, he wuznt to happy but he didnt ditch me. He said he would be there for me and the baby 100%. If any of u are or have recently been in the same situation please give me answers. I could rly need them. If i dont get to read the replys on here my e-mail address is [email protected], I would rly love to get to know sum one in my same shoes. Thanx for all ur help.


Bridget Nicole - August 19

Hey girls sry, on the last line is says same sgood girls. It should say same shoes. There should be no girls, but as i said, i would love to have some girl friends who i can talk to that are going through the exact same thing. Thanx.


Hello - August 19

Tell your parents. Prenatal care is very important. Sorry to say! Most boys don't stick around to raise a baby. So don't depend on him. Take care


Bridget Nicole - August 19

Well "Hello" I am sry to say, that he may not be one of most boys. He knew that this could have happened. He said that if this happened he would want to be 100% involved. So sry to say I am depending on him. And I will take care.


laughing at you - August 19

ya know, my friend's bf told her the same thing. And sure, he was there for awhile, until someone better came along, who wasn't pregnant. Sure, he pays his child support, but he isn't there for her like he told her. But hey, good luck, sounds like you know it all :)


Sora - August 20

Good to see your optimism. Your going to need it. Really you should rely on yourself and tell your parents. They will always be there for you, regardless of whether our boyfriend is there for you or not.


karen - August 24

where do you live at im in wildwood florida and trying but i need a place to live can you help


anonamous - August 25

hey bridget i'm in the same shoes.but the best thing to do is tell ur parents that now is when you really need them.and if ur bf say's he's going to help you 100% then you need to make sure about that because when people start finding out they are probably going to put things in his head and he might turn on you and tell you that the baby's not his.so you need to make sure about the things he'stelling you and i'm not telling you to stop depending on him because it really doesn't hurt to try but you need to be sure that's all!well take care and i wish you luck!!


Gisele - August 25

I think you should let your parent know, the chances of this guy actually staying with you are pretty slim so you shouldnt rely on him.



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