I Am Only 16 And I Might Be

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luzme - December 3

well i am 16 and i had s_x with my boyfriend who i have been wit for 1 year and 7 months and i told him and he promised me that he will always be there. everytime we talk about it he feels my tummy and says i will be there 4 u no matter wat. i dont know if i am or not.i neeed to know the signs u get when u r going to have a baby so i can look out for them. help anyone?


ashley_1991 - December 3

when was your last period? when is your next one due? the only sign that will really help you is that "+" or "-" on the pregnancy test.. have you taken one?


AddyAndVictoriasMommy - December 4

Take a pregnancy test. Oh and stop posting on old threads.


V9653 - December 4

If anyone is to help you, you need to give out some info. You can't just go by signs. If I went by signs I'd say I was at least 4 months pregnant, though I've had a period every single month. I get pregnancy symptoms when I eat too much, smell the wrong thing, get the flu, etc. etc. First off like ash said, when was your last period? How long are your cycles usually? If you don't know then do you usually have a guess of when your next period is coming and if so then when is that? Have you skipped an expected period? When did you have unprotected s_x during your last cycle? Are you trying to get pregnant? Also honey, I'm just going to warn you, just because a guy acts happy about a pregnancy does not mean he is going to stay around. My ex did all that stuff when I told him I thought I was pregnant. We had been together for a year and a half and he was an awesome and sweet guy who waited over a year to have s_x with me. Well he disappeared after the reality set in. I miscarried and he wouldn't even take my calls. So I'm saying all that to say, if you are thinking about throwing caution to the wind and aren't pregnant now then don't rely on some guys words. Guys lie all the time and young guys change their minds with the change of seasons. Anyway, answer the q's and we'll try to help, and as Tess said-please please please look at the dates of the original poster on the stuff you reply to. Yes sometimes old threads get brought back, but look at the date of the last reply, if it's more than a few days and has no bearing on what anyone else is talking about, let it go!



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