I Am So Lost

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KiyanisMummy - April 22

hey girls look i really dont know what to write in here but i am so down right now...there are so mnay things going on in my life and i feel like i have no one to speak to...i was here a bit during my pregnancy so although im not actually preg right now and dont fit into this category i just dont know where else to go.....i have genreally always had good advice from this forum and i'm kinda of hoping that there's just any possility that my life will get better coz right now i feel like i'm just heading on a continuing downard spiral and i just dunno wat to do anymore


amanda17 - April 22

What's the matter?


Krissy25 - April 22

I think everyone has times in their lives that things seem to be going all wrong and it doesn't seem like there is any hope that things will get better, but for the most part they gennerally do get better. Sometimes just talking about the problem(s) can help.


KiyanisMummy - April 23

well....i have 2 lil girls Kiyani (22 months and Skilah (wud be 5 1/2 months) however my lil skilah pa__sed away on the 6th of feb this year...i miss her so so much and just cant seem to cope with anything...my housework my studies my eldest daughter...i love her dearly but she reminds me so much of her sister and evry time i look at her i feel like crying...i'm just so unhappy within myself and mylife right now..i dont know whats going on with my relationship....i dont know if he still even loves me anymore.....i'm just so so lost about what to do her...i'm seeing a counceller asnd it doesnt seem to be helping.


Cat24 - April 23

kiyanis everything is still so raw for you at the moment. i'm not going to say it gets easier and time's a healer, but what i would say is that you find ways to cope with grief. do not worry about your relationship with your partner at the moment because the main thing for you is to try and deal with your grief and slowly move on when you feel ready. counsellors dont always suit everybody so dont think you are a failure because it isnt working. have you tried writing down your feelings as ive heard it helps, it also helps others understand if they arent sure whats going through your mind. ask your partner if he can help with the housework until you start to feel a bit better. as long as you make sure you arent pushing them away and tell them how you feel when they ask, then they will understand. everybody goes through grief in their own way, you may think he doesnt love you but he may be feeling exactly the same about you. i would honestly say the best thing to do is to try and not hide away and always communicate with each other, you may not think it now but he is probably the person who you will relate to most at such a distressing time. i do hope you start to feel a little better soon although i think it never goes away completely because i personally think when they die part of your soul goes with them. take care and remember to look after yourself.



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